Watch the live stream coverage of Samsung’s foldable phone announcement at IDC 2018 from 10AM

After literally years of dangling the prospect of a foldable smartphone in front of us with Project Valley and Galaxy X leaks, Samsung is finally about to announce something tangible. Having confirmed that it will show off the user interface of the foldable smartphone at its Developer Conference that kicks off at 10 AM ET, it’s unknown whether the electronics giant will also give us a sneak peek at an actual device. If you can’t be there in person, then you may as well join us after the break to watch the live stream coverage of the announcement. 

Other than its a device that is capable of folding in some manner, little is actually known about Samsung’s foldable device although the company is apparently working with Google to make a special version of Android for the new form-factor. It’s believed that it will sport dual OLED displays with a large 7.3-inch exterior panel and a 4.6-inch interior screen. There’s no hint of what sort of processor or how much RAM and built-in storage the device might feature.

Besides announcing more details about the device itself during the keynote speech at the Developer Conference, it’s possible that Samsung might also announce a launch date for the foldable phone that sports the ‘Winner‘ codename according to the XDA.

Depending on where you live, the keynote will kick off at the following times:

  • San Francisco: 10AM
  • Chicago: 12PM
  • New York: 1PM
  • London: 6PM
  • Berlin: 7PM
  • Johannesburg: 8PM
  • Moscow: 9PM
  • Beijing: 2AM
  • Sydney: 5AM

Are you excited to possibly learning more about Samsung’s foldable display?

Source: Samsung (YouTube)

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