SuperMHL standard will support 8K video at 120 FPS

PrintA new standard of MHL cable has been announced, and it offers a pretty big jump in features over the current MHL 3 that’s offered. This new standard is being called superMHL, and it has the hardware specifications to back up that name.

The new MHL cables will support 8K video at a full 120 FPS, which is a massive jump from MHL 3’s 4K support at 30 FPS. To power that kind of video output, the connector also supplies 40W of power so your phone doesn’t die 20 minutes into the movie. 
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Monster sues Beats Audio over allegations of fraud


Monster LLC which helped kick start the Beats line of headphones back in 2008 has now sued the Apple owned Beats by Dr. Dre brand over allegations of a “sham” transaction. The company has filed an official complaint at the Superior Court in San Mateo County, California. Apple hasn’t yet been named in the suit filed by Monster as the issue pertains to the change in ownership of Beats since it was partially acquired by HTC in 2011.
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Samson Meteor M2 Multimedia Speaker System offers high quality sound at an affordable price


We are seeing plenty of new products enter the home automation, automobile, television, and sound spaces at CES 2015. For folks seeking to connect phones and tablets (as well as other devices) to impressive speakers that are not very expensive, Samson has announced the Meteor M2 Multimedia Speaker System. The Meteor M2 brings what is traditionally found in a three-piece system to a two-speaker setup. It has very clear detail along with deep stereo sound.

The Samson Meteor M2 Multimedia Speaker System costs $149 and it is already available. We should not that there is no indication of a wireless connection here, but Samson includes a speaker cable to connect the setup and an 1/8-inch auxiliary cable.

Hit the break for the full press release. Click here for our full CES 2015 coverage.

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Pioneer joins the Android Auto aftermarket crowd


With all the buzz surrounding Android Auto at CES 2015 this year, you should not have to wait long to buy a new car with your favorite mobile operating system installed straight from the factory. If you have an older vehicle though and want to retrofit Android Auto, you are in luck as several manufacturers are bringing aftermarket solutions to the consumer. We have already seen Parrot announce their Parrot RNB 6 head unit and earlier today Kenwood announced their DDX9902S that will support Android Auto. Now Pioneer is jumping on board as well with three choices for consumers interested in Android Auto enabled devices.
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Livescribe will bring support to Android this Spring


Livescribe has today announced that it will introduce support for its award-winning Livescribe 3 smartpen to Android devices this Spring. At present, the application is only available for iOS, but company officials have revealed that it will soon be available on Google’s mobile platform with some exclusive features on board specifically “designed from the ground up” for Android users.

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