Rumor: Acer A1 Android Phone Set For September Release

The Philippine Business Mirror newspaper are today reporting that Acer are planning to launch their first Android powered handset in September of this year.

According to an unknown source from the Taiwanese company, the handset will be known as the ‘A1’ and will be one of four Acer handsets that will make their debut in September.

The A1, equipped with a touch screen, is among four handset models that Acer plans to debut that month, the person said, asking not to be identified because he’s not authorized to comment on the matter. Henry Wang, a spokesman at Taipei-based Acer, declined to comment. Marsha Wang, a spokesman at Google in Beijing, declined to immediately comment.


I must add that this article just landed in my inbox a few minutes ago, and up until that point i’d never heard of the Philippine Business Mirror newspaper. Their about us page does make them seem fairly credible, but faced with news from unknown official sources, who knows?

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