Android Cupcake Update Coming Next Month

A spokesperson for T-Mobile has apparently revealed to Pocket-lint, that the highly anticipated ‘Cupcake update‘ will be making its way to T-Mobile G1 users in April.

“We will be offering G1 users the firmware update sometime in April”.

“We can’t say whether this will be connected with the launch of the HTC Magic as we aren’t aware of what alternations if any they are making to the operating system”.

The new cupcake update will bring a number of new features to the G1 handset including:

  • Onscreen keyboard
  • Video recording
  • Voice recording
  • Ability to save MMS attachments
  • Stereo Bluetooth

The HTC Magic handset will be available from April exclusively on the Vodafone network.


  • Brian

    You can already save MMS attachments. It came with the same update that added voice search about a month ago.

  • Heard this before….

  • Daniel

    Should I get my hopes up? Or just give up?

  • Max

    lol “should I get my hopes up?” what does it matter? We will get it or we won’t.

    T-mo said there would be an update in Feb, and there was an update, just wasn’t the update everyone was expecting.

    For example the quotes say there will be a firmware update in April but the article says “cupcake coming in April” (I mean the original article). There was NO indication given that this new update will contain all the cupcake goodness but the author (in a fox news like leap of faith) jumps all the way to his ideal conclusion and then states it in the headline as if it is fact.

    Even goes on to say on “T-Mobile Google handset getting on-screen keyboard” which is just reckless reporting.

  • Tim

    yeaaaaaa, how about a battery that lasts more than a day. I have to carry around my phone and the charger when i go anywhere. I dont think “cupcake” will fix that.

  • hachaduryan

    Actually the battery life could be improved a bit provided they improved the os. All these processes runing in the background drain quite a bit of your batt life.

    Should I hope the os would be running a bit smoother after the cupcake release?

  • Vanessa

    Will cupcake be able to fix that problem about not being able to delete more than 100 texts in one thread? Cuz I have like 2000 from just one person, and everytime I go to delete it, it force closes on me.

  • Wes

    I just wanna know when the g2 drops will we have the same batt probs as we do now? If not, i’m on that phone like white on rice.

  • CIP


  • Mike Smith

    This is good news but we probably won’t get it for ages yet in the UK!

  • david

    We in the uk wait longer and receive a hacked version too. No streetviw yet or latitude or voice search… of course we probably deserve it for being crash test dummies and signing an 18 month contract for the privilage.

  • rockyoursockz

    Umm..well.. the cupcake would be a nice sure we’d all like certain things about it. !..but as far as the “G2” goes..or the HTC Magic.. I dont like it that much..and its for one reason only.. The fones amazing in every way.. But im jusst not an “On-Screen Keyboard” type of person..i actually like pushing down on the keypads..its gives me assurance that im not misspelling words..and makes typeing a whole lot faster !..and then again..its only my opinion ! =)

  • Mattmanchat

    I think Google’s lack of updates only reveals it incompetency to take on the smart phone market. Personally, it will never amount to the bells and whistles of the iPhone. Though I have the G1 and believe in the open source community. There is no way any G# Phone will ever be “like that guy.” While it has some great followers, I think the phone has pissed too many people off, making their update challenge that much harder. Google is loosing there customer pleasing capabilities.

  • rockyoursockz

    yeah but google has to be careful with apple.
    Rumors have it that apple has restricted many things the google fone..for example.. Multi touch…touching the fone wit two how to zoom in on the iphone u need to pinch the screen and then open ur finger..the G1 is capable of it..but it has been restricted due to copyrighted material.. =/ ..but i belive in google..they will think of something..i mean..after is.. GOOGLE !! =)

  • G1User

    T-Mobile announces April 21st “private launch event” in NYC
    by Joshua Topolsky, posted Apr 9th 2009 at 12:31PM

    Well well well. Well. What do we have here? Apparently the cats and kittens over at T-Mobile have something special planned on Tuesday, April 21st. We’ve just gotten a very brief email letting us know that something was going down, but without any other detail. Obviously our gadget-alarms started clanging, and the way we see it we’ve only got a few things to get excited about. Will we see the launch of Cupcake? Could this be the official US unveiling of the Magic? Or perhaps we’ll finally get to see the new Sidekick which just hit the FCC. Look — anything is possible, but whatever happens, we’ll be there. What do you guys think is in store?

  • rockyoursockz

    umm..i hope its cupcake =)..the Magic is nice and all..but i like the original keyboard.. =)..woop woop.. But idk if its gonna come out.. Cuz the day b4 that is 4-20…meaning every tmobile person is gonna get super Hi and 4get about us ( the g1 users). !!!..lmaoo.. =P..

  • soad fan!!

    Lmao, I agree with the guy above me, the rockursox dude. (No offense if ur a girl) but hopefully it is cupcake. I can’t wait much longer for it.

    “\(^_^) I PWN U!!!

  • rockyoursockz

    haha !..nah im deff a dude !..
    and word !!..
    after i get my cupcake..imma be happy..
    for a whole day !..then ill get over it..
    and move along wit life -__-..
    hopefully them tmobile ppl..hit hit pass !.. 420 =P..lmaoo

  • soad fan!!

    lol, yea i think we’ll all be happy and get over it. :}

  • rockyoursockz

    wurd…so its like..2 weeks into april..
    and i havnt received anything !..

  • Mattman

    Goog could also be waiting to release everything at the right time in relationshp to stock market

  • Simon

    Yo, I Gave up. another site said tmo rep said its false. so if it comes, im happy. if not, then im not waiting anymore…

  • i

    there’s a bunch of apps outhere that include what the cupcake update supposedly has. like for the touch screen keyboard, i use chomp sms. and for clear videos i download them with the video downloader app.

  • Mattman

    Hey is “i” on crack or something? do you know what the heck we are talking about? All I can say is there are a lot of people that are getting pissed at Google, and they are going to have to deliver. They are as about as quite as Apple if they are going to have updates, but at the least Apple has been delivering. If we have to buy another phone to get fantastic updates, I and a lot of my tech friends are going iphone. Its that simple. Why wait on a company that does not have their ducks in a row. Google has the money, at least that is what they say. The great thing about the times is they will either sink or swim this year in the smart phone market. Personally, their marketing sucks, and most people don’t even know there is a G1, so having a G2 is pointless. It would be best just to unlock the iPhone and use whatever service you have. And as far as the comment on the apps out there, inorder to come out with a fighting chance in this market, you need marketing capabilities and a product that replicates the abilities of the major competition but in a way that is just as good or better, and you also need to have bells and whistles of your own. Google has entered the market but they have squat for marketing, and it makes you wonder if they were just testing the market to see if it would fly. And as far as the apps, I would have to say that the amount of resources that Google has put to android seems to be very limited, so in reality all they can do is be static in their approach towards the opens source community.

    I don’t like being a naysayer. I would have to say the G1 has more going against it right now than for it. They are going to have to go out of their way to make this thing work. Considering the stock market and economy, this is the season for them to do this, if they can’t do it soon, they are going to have a hard time doing it any other time. Google is starting to behave like Yahoo in the search industry accept way to fast in the smart phone industry. As cluncky as this G1 phone is I seriously consider at times if Google is really serious, especially since nothing seems to be on the horizon. Like I said, if Google comes out with a “you’ve got to be kidding me BS’ update with no promises on the horizon, “See Ya.”

    And as far as Open Source–that’s a bunch of BS too. Common open source community, don’t be F’n blind.

  • vanessa/soad fan/i

    To Mattman:
    Why yes, how’d u know I was on crack? ^_*

    And yes, I do know what ur all are talking about, I was just giving some options for ppl that desperatly need these stuff. I’m waiting anxiously for the update as much as all of u are, but I sadly have to be very patient, cuz I can’t return this phone (and I would never) idk much about all this google vs. Apple stuff, but obviously apple is much more advanced, but so is google, they’re just not as fast with the updates and stuff. (I may sound like an idiot, but I’m just a crazy teen girl) so plz don’t insult me :D if we have to be patient for YEARS for the economy to recover, then surely we can wait a few days, weeks, months for this update, whenever it comes out.

    P.s- I’m the same persone as Vanessa, soad fan!! And I, I just always change my name.

  • Mattman

    Sorry you felt insulted. I don’t recommend you go into a web business or blogging if your easily insulted, because commentators will eat you alive. And if you think this is harsh, I think its plum funny how those guys comment on the android apps. I am glad I am not an app developer. Especially if you have to make sure your app is working all the time when your charging for it. In fact I think that Google will get into trouble with the FTC for their android market. Its starting to have scam artists. LOL

    Google has butt loads of money in actual cash flow, its not a matter of them being able to do this or that. Its a matter of what value they place on their customer in the smart phone industry.

    Personally, if they are in the open source community they need to be more open than they are. Not disclosing is anti-open source.

  • rockyoursockz

    Okay..Umm sorry but i had to jump into this convo !!!
    1st of all.. You talk like if google mage the damm fone..All that google did is make the Android Operating system.. The fone was clearly made by HTC.. So dont blame google for the “bulky-ness” or the “chin” on the fone..or anything in particular as far as looks go. Googles not the only one involved in updates..Tmobile has part in it too !!.. Google is not failing in the Smart Phone buisness.. The Android Platform is amazing in EVERY WAY !!.. Its VERY VERY user friendly.. Its responsive..and all of the above..
    a cupcake would just be the “iceing on the cake” nothing more and nothing less..The Vodafone network is releasing the HTC Magic.. I mean..that fone seems perfect in everyway..has the cupcake in it..and everything.. I belive that google released the G1 early to see what the peoples complaint were.. So they can make it better and improve..and not have to release a whole bunch of updates like the iphone has had.. I mean lets face it..Google whipped up a quick fone and above all released it early..and the fone is amazing.. Now imagine if they took their time !!
    i think we should just all wait..=)..rumors have it that the 21st of april is when the update might release..and if not..i think we should just all be happy and stop whining like little B***** about a damm fone..theres more important things in life ppl -__- i always say..when you think somethings the best.. theres always something BETTER !!..its an endless procede with caution o_O lol =P

  • rockyoursockz

    AND P.S !!!!!…
    i said the 21st of april. !..
    hmm..dats kinda close to the
    end of this month right??..
    how bout all of you read this !!

    and then get back to me =)…woop always right ;-) lol

  • rockyoursockz
  • rockyoursockz

    P.S.. theres a new thread.. !!..
    and its all about the “cupcake”
    or 1.5 SDK Update !!..
    click on android news up top !..
    and read it =)
    then get back to me =)

  • You people who are bashing G1 so much, get rid of it then. I happen to love mine. I don’t need to record stuff and type on my screen. I have a digital camera with better resolution that can record much smoother than any phone and on screen keyboards are lame anyway. Btw, batteries only last if you never touch your phone. I suggest car charging whenever possible. I stay on mine 24/7 and recharge twice a day. I love it.

  • Desire

    Well, almost April 21. Let’s see if this is true. Will we, G1 users, finally get that Cupcake update? I did hear that April 21 was a private launching in NYC, which is weird because that means it only takes place in NYC so what about other places with G1 users? That would be quite unfair. Anyways, I hope that we will get our update tomorrow.

  • Desire

    rockyoursockz, it seems you are wrong. Go die. Never say you are always right ever again. You are a disgrace.

  • SOAD {V}anessa

    desire..well, that was a bit harsh to rockursox. go die.. what has the world come to.. lol this has nothing to do with the cupcake. xD

    And to rockursox:
    i love this smiley: o_O or O_o its like he’s eying u. xD

    and its the 21st!!! is the cupcake comin???

  • Mattman

    To hilarious…

    I knew this would happen…

    Desire, you are not the only one. I read something like 75% of the G1 customers are being de-motivated by Android’s so called motivational promises.

    It’s okay to be pissed . . . Google, techies, and the like, which I am one, usually piss off a results driven society. Its in our nature. I promise you had they come out with their update today, it would have put their stock price on the increase to breaking $400 again. Again its could be giving the owners a chance to buy up stock gain, before the release, to buy into more volume at a lower price. Just a hunch, but we will find out.

  • Mattman

    Man, I need to proof read, before entering! Piece

  • daith3gr8

    I thought cupcake would allow us to transfer files through bluetooth…
    But whatever… it April 21, 10:23 pm & still no cupcake =/
    Officially no longer expecting it…

  • Mattman

    Personally if there is no update by the end of Tuesday next week, I wont bank on anything, until a new phone is released. While Apple provided more on its 1st release, for its users in the 1st year of the iPhone, they still kind of did the same thing–new phone w/ an update for the old one.

  • rockyoursockz

    Well desire..u buttface.. -__- i said im always right..yes..i did say that.. But my whole entries…did u see me say that it was coming out on the 21st??.. Are u eliterate or sumthing??..all i said it was “supossivly” coming out at the end of the month..Then i posted a link to another forum.. Beacuse..the close to “the end of the month”…so i think ppl like u..shuld be the ones die-ing !!..cant even proof read -__- sorry to say..but u r the one whos a disgrace !!…how bout you stop “trying” to trash on me..and go trash on the forum that has that posted… or..juss climb to the top of a building..and jump off -__- ..

    P.S.. and soad.vanessa..person..thnks for the compliment on the faces o_O and O_o… OR o.O O.O
    lol =P..this desire person juss got skooleddddd !!!!..and desire..if u r still readin this..umm..y r u not jumping yet??… lmao !!

  • Desire

    Well I am sorry for my comments. But just don’t say you are always right. End. Hopefully. And hopefully Cupcake comes by end of month.

  • Heh, these comments took a turn for the worst huh?

    The 1.5 update will get here when it gets here so we just need to wait… or root your phone and Google it.

    PS. I love the fact that rockyoursockz called someone illiterate and completely misspelled it… and most of the other words in that post. I guess anyone would be illiterate reading that…Classic. XD

  • S.

    German T-Mobile will release the 1.5-Update for Android in may.

  • Desire

    @S. Translate. Where exactly does it say Cupcake? Don’t make up lies if not true. That is what rockyoursockz did and look what happened to him.

  • rockyoursockz

    wow…desire..are u retarted??
    Cupcake is just a code name !!..
    the update is called the 1.5 or 1.5 SDK…
    wow..i dont even know y u are talking soo much Sh**
    when you dont understand half the things about android..and for your information.. 1.5..aka CUPCAKE is already out and available for developers..but you need to know how 2 use eclipse..and how 2 run the program.. But you wouldnt know anything about just wait until its released to the public.. and stop trashing on people..acting like you know stuff..when in dont know Sh**

  • unrest

    Wow, there’s a lot of mess on this site. Anywho, cupcake will more than likely be released the day the G2 will be available. Because if it isn’t, you will not have a medium of input on the phone. So wait for the phone then check for the update. And as for the Apple munchers out there, the iPhone had all the updates because they had lawsuits coming for them because the phone would drop a call everyday and hardly ever stay in 3G. I would have to say that my “crappy” G1 has yet to disappoint. If you want to make the venture to the iPhone and have someone else charge you to replace your battery, or charge you double the developer’s fee to post your programs on the market place, then fine by me. Android is a better venue for developers and an equal user experience (at least) as the iPhone. I’ve actually found my G1 to be smoother than a buddy’s iPhone 3G when scrolling through screens. Either way, enjoy what you want, it’s your money. This post was strictly my opinion. (But I can back up what I say!)

  • rockyoursockz

    Deff agree =)
    What happened to Desire?

    ohh thats right !..
    i Deadeddd her !! >=) lol =P

  • Desire

    rockyoursocks, before you talk, correct your grammer. Don’t go criticizing others when you clearly don’t know what you are talking about. I know my Android phone better than you because you are the one giving out false information about this update. So please just go away and do not post anymore. You are just confusing people. Good day to you.

  • mmalakai10

    Wow a update its about time, but i wouldnt get my hopes up on this one saying the cupcake release in april. i’m beginning to give on the G1, before we will see the real potential of the G1 another phone will come out thats better. having the G1 and seeing that its just a big investment for devs with crappy apps everyone wanting money but nothing really worth buying. also why is the vondafone releasing in the UK 1st and not in the USA? i see it by the time the G1 gets up to speed with the other phones like a crappy motorola razor that has video we will have another phone. what’s up with these update will these updates take up internal memory and if so as some point. also if we continue to get these updates which we will, what will be the next step pay for another phone?

  • rockyoursockz

    Desire.. -__-
    1st of all..its a forum..who cares about grammer..
    as long as u can read it..its not a resume or snything..
    2nd of all..criticizing people??
    You are the only one…and thats because you came at me 1st..and you say im giving out false information??
    all i did is give out a link to another forum..
    i, Personally, NEVER said a date..for an update..all i did was post a link..You know nothing about Android.
    and for you information Cupcake was released To Android developers, and Android developer phones 2 days ago.. You should really check up on things.. Because i can back up my facts.. You cant back anything up at all !..
    so leave the forum..
    and go post somewhere else..i hear myspace has
    some pretty cool blogs.. -__-

  • StephenMurph

    Just got my Cupcake update this afternoon – pretty impressive, although not many new features to speak of:

    Video Recorder
    New Desktop Widgets
    On-Screen Keyboard
    New Menu Animations

  • SOAD {V}anessa

    to: Stephen Murph

    when did u get it?? i havent gotten it!

  • rockyoursockz

    =O whatt !
    i havnt gotten mine !..
    soo not cool..
    my last update came to me
    like around 4 in the morning
    so imma wait =)..
    woop woop !

  • rockyoursockz
  • crazysparks

    did u have to check for the update or did it just come

  • rockyoursockz

    its over the air..
    so it juss comes..

  • StephenMurph

    I got it over the air – I’m in Dublin though, and Vodafone just started selling the HTC Magic (G2) in the UK yesterday too so that may have prompted it.

  • crystal

    Hey StephenMurph how do you like the CUPCAKE update? I can’t wait till mine comes! It sounds good!

  • Ricky Ricardo

    Ha. T-Mobile customer on the US/West Coast. Called customer service to ask if they had any timeline for the Cupcake over the air update for my area.

    ‘It hasn’t been released yet.’

    I explained to the customer service rep that the Cupcake update has been released in Europe and some US customers online say they’ve received the update too.

    She couldn’t give me an answer. So I’ll go back to relying on the underground G1 sources for all of my information. DUH me for trying to access information through the proper channels, right?

  • TheTanjian

    I GOT CUPCAKE!!!!!!

  • TheTanjian

    And it’s very tasty. Streetview is cool and the default message tool now kicks Chomp’s a$$ (IMHO).

    Woop Woop

  • Первые два комментатора глаголят истину :)

  • BrAnDi

    Got my update last week and I think it still could use some work but it is deff better

  • kcrusaders1

    The update is good to have. I noticed that while on the web, embedded youtube videos are bot shown, there is just a blank spot. It wasn’t like that before. I would still like to have the ability to share through bluetooth and attach more than just 1 photo in a text message. We have a 3.2 megapixel camera, where is the optical zoom??? As well as the video recording, need zoom for that as well.
    My battery drains faster since the update but that doesn’t bother me, its expected. Just the tings I mentioned would completee this phone for me. Sharing mutiple pictures in a text message, also small videos; camera zoom

  • Sweat

    I’ll hold off for the mytouch(g2). A lot sleeker phone and has all new updates in it. I’ll continue to rock my old phone til then.

  • Yeah, the market is a mess around the country. Foreclosures left and Right. I’m around the Dallas area and we have been in the pit for the last 3-4 years like much of the country. Hopefully our government will take some REAL action in the near future!