Galaxy Note 8 starts to leak showing an embedded fingerprint scanner

It’s never too early for more leaks, and the Galaxy Note 8 is ready to start showing off features ahead of an announcement later this year. This time around there’s pretty good evidence that Samsung has finally figured out how to cram the fingerprint scanner underneath the screen, as the leaked demo doesn’t show a fingerprint scanner anywhere on the front or back of the device. It’s pretty unlikely that Samsung would remove that feature, so the only explanation is that it’s been hidden in plain sight.

The back of the dummy does feature a vertically placed dual-camera setup, which we have seen before, so that rumor is starting to look more and more credible. That’s been something Samsung has also been trying to pull off for a couple of years, and the Note 8 might finally be the device that makes it a reality.

The Note 8 will likely be announced around August or September this year, and we’re expecting big things. We’ve seen a glimpse of Samsung’s future with the Galaxy S8, including bigger screens and smaller bezels, which will almost definitely translate directly to the Note 8.

Until then, though, we’ll just have to keep an ear out for more rumors like these.

source: Weibo
via: Phone Arena

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