Mophie just announced a Juice Pack for the Google Pixel (XL)

Google announced one phone late last year, the Pixel, with two variants, and the differences between them seem minor on paper but are actually important when choosing one. If you go with the 5.5-inch variant over the 5-inch variant, you’re getting a bigger display as well as a bigger battery. Longevity is the key difference, obviously. Spend $120 more and you get better battery life from a 3450mAh unit.

Now you can improve the Pixel (XL)’s already-great battery life by picking up Mophie’s Juice Pack.

Mophie says this Juice Pack features wireless charging, a quality missing from the Pixel itself. This means you can put the Juice Pack on the phone and plop it onto a wireless charging pad for power. It has pass-through, too, for seamless charging of your device while it’s still in the battery case.

While we’re glad Mophie released a Juice Pack for Google’s flagship, we’re puzzled by the absence of one for the smaller variant. You’d expect both to get attention and receive their own Juice Pack, especially since the smaller variant doesn’t last as long on a single charge. But, at least in the short-term, it’s only the Pixel (XL) getting a Juice Pack.

The Juice Pack for the Google Pixel is available online today through Mophie, and Verizon stores nationwide are carrying it as well. Mophie and Verizon have the price set at $99.

Buy it now: Mophie

About the Author: Justin Herrick

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