Prepare yourself to squeeze the HTC U 11 by watching this teaser video

You can squeeze a lemon. You can squeeze a bottle of ketchup. And soon you can squeeze HTC’s 2017 flagship. The U 11, as we recently found out it’ll be called, will be all about letting users squeeze the frame to complete quick actions. Today a teaser video for the upcoming phone was released and of course highlights the squeeze-friendly behavior allowed.

Earlier this month, a leaked set of slides from an internal presentation revealed that HTC is going to try something pretty different than other phones. The U 11 will be encourage you to get friendly with your hands. The entire frame of the phone will be sensitive to touch; therefore, you’re going to be able to set certain areas and levels of pressure to respond in different ways.

Here’s the teaser video:

First teaser for HTC’s 2017 flagship

Didn’t watch? We’ll recap. The teaser video goes through a whole bunch of items you can squeeze and probably do already. HTC shows a lemon, a roll, a dog toy, bubble wrap, a sponge, an orange, scissors, a bottle of honey, a shampoo bottle, a trumpet, a hand gripper, an avocado, a water gun, a man’s bicep, a modeling compound, a marshmallow, a hand drill, a kiwi, a finger, an apple, a stapler, a perfume bottle, a teddy bear, a ketchup bottle, a mustard bottle, and a bicycle brake being squeezed.

The U 11 itself made a cameo, too, in the video but only with exposed corners. Going by what we saw, it appears that the U 11 will resemble the U Ultra that’s getting iffy feedback from critics and consumers.

We’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to see the actual phone from every angle and get full details on the features. The U 11 will be announced by HTC on May 16.

Source: HTC (YouTube)

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