Nail in the coffin? Galaxy Note 7 sales won’t start until October 21


Things aren’t looking good for the Galaxy Note 7, it seems. According to VentureBeat, Samsung won’t be making the Galaxy Note 7 available to buy in the United States until October 21, an entire month from now.

An earlier report indicated that replacement devices would be available at carriers and retailers as soon as this week. But, that seems to be all they are–replacement devices. Samsung won’t be selling any new hardware in the US until October 21.

We’re not sure why Samsung is waiting so long, but it certainly isn’t going to be good as far as sales numbers go. After all, Google’s new Pixel smartphones are rumored to launch just a few weeks earlier on October 4. Interestingly, the LG V20 is expected to launch on the same day as the Galaxy Note 7 relaunch as well, according to Evan Blass.

It seems like this timetable is specific to the US. VentureBeat notes that new hardware sales could start in Samsung’s home country–South Korea–as soon as next week on September 28. We’re, of course, not sure what all these details means for other regions. Could Europe and other regions be waiting just as long? We don’t know.


But, this does give Samsung’s competitors a chance to start gaining ground on the Galaxy Note 7. Consumers could become impatient and instead opt for something else. Some initial reports are saying that customers have been trading in their Galaxy Note 7, but opting for an iPhone instead of a replacement.

While this is a serious delay and will affect sales astronomically, it’s highly likely that Samsung is trying to catch up on volume to meet the demand for the phone.

Samsung in partnership with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission launched its official recall of the Galaxy Note 7 just last week. If you haven’t turned your Galaxy Note 7 in just yet, it’s advised that you power it down immediately and turn it into your point of purchase.

source: VentureBeat

About the Author: Brad Ward

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  • Richard Dennis

    lol.. If they dont fix this quick it might be the final nail for Sammy.. It will be years before some very loyal customers support or support Samsung again… Fan boys that rushed to the stores to get the New Note 7 have really been burnt here(literally).. Carriers are doing nothing about it.. They are only in it for themselves and could give a crap about customers or Samsung.. So its a mess.

    • Brad Ward

      I think Samsung’s biggest problem is that they can’t contain it as just the Note 7. I never hear anyone referring to the Galaxy Note 7 as exploding, just “the Samsung phone.” Sure, those of us who frequent tech sites realize it, but I think a large majority of the population (specifically those who have bought Samsung phones) might have lost their trust in Samsung. It’ll be interesting to find out how Samsung gains that back.

      I’m not trying to offer an exaggeration of course, but looking at the picture as a whole. It’s a real concern when your phone starts burning up, even in just every day use.

  • ZBlade

    Sammy doesn’t seem to be able to get a break with this. So unfortunate, they were having an extremely good year and there is nothing but praises for the Note 7. Now the name Samsung will be embedded into peoples head as the company with the exploding phones. Even though there are reports everywhere about exploding phones from other OEM, this one has made the most noise.