Video released showing recent Google self-driving car accident


Google’s self-driving cars have racked up an impressive safety record in almost seven years of testing now. As of May 2015 Google’s vehicles were closing in on almost 2 million miles with only a handful of minor accidents. The stellar record, combined with the fact that it is something so new, means all eyes are watching when an incident does occur like one in Mountain View recently. Yesterday video of that incident was released via YouTube.

The video comes from a bus that was the second vehicle involved in the incident. The Google self-driving car was actually one of the Lexus RX450h vehicles used in the program, not the smaller, custom designed bubble cars that Google has been working on. According to the initial reports, the Google vehicle was trying to navigate around some sandbags when it entered the lane the bus was traveling in.

The video, which shows the incident from several different angles, appears to support the description that the Google vehicle moved into the path of the bus resulting in the collision. Fortunately, both vehicles were traveling at relatively slow speeds, so damage was minor and there were no reported injuries.

About the Author: Jeff Causey

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