Google plans on attempting to end fragmentation in Android by controlling the hardware


Fragmentation in Android is a huge problem. As I mentioned in my things Android should steal from iOS article, fixing fragmentation was a big part of it. Google agrees and plans on fixing the situation by co-developing new chips and other sensors.

Google has reportedly talked to some microchip makers about developing chips based on Google’s own preferred designs. The main reason for this is to make Android a little bit more like iOS. They figure that if they can control the hardware and the software, Android will be a much simpler OS to update and keep control of.

In theory, it should work pretty well, Apple is doing a great job at it. However, Android has many other manufactures using it, while Apple is the only one using iOS. I’m sure any sort of effort to uniform the updating process will be beneficial to Android users, but I just don’t see it ever being as easy as how Apple makes it seem.

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  • Scardal Xedcba

    Stop with such nonsense articles! You can not compare strawberries with bananas! Means, you can not compare Android and its multi handset vendors with a single OS and hardware of one specific company. It will never work and is not comparable. Google can not force other vendors to use their or specific chips. They can do it for their nexus line maybe, but not more. And it would not be good, because if prevents from evolution. Samsung e.g. produces their own chips and improve each new generation. So in a nutshell: the Android ecosystem can never be like the Apple ecosystem by nature. And I like Android for not beeing like that, even it has some issues. But in sum I apprechiate Android much more for its nature.

    • Brent

      Ya, that’s pretty much what I said at the end. I wish they could make updating easier, but I don’t think it’s possible to make it as easy as Apple does it.

  • primalxconvoy

    This probably won’t work, as a similar scheme failed with the “one” phones in India. Nexus has largely failed also, due to the lack of availability.