Xiaomi’s Magic Cube to take on Motorola’s Project Ara in the modular smartphone revolution


Motorola’s Project Ara is exciting indeed, but if you think for one second that they will be the only company implementing something like this, think again. It appears Xiaomi might have something in the cooker as well. The image above was shared by Xiaomi founder and CEO Lei Jun, but has since been removed.

Dubbed the Magic Cube, there are some differences. It appears you can’t remove the screen without the mainboard, but we also don’t know how early these images are. We also don’t know how far along Xiaomi is in their development, but we do know Motorola is close to unveiling a prototype.

Magic Cube might have been just the thing that attracted Hugo Barra to the company, so it will be interesting to see how this story develops.

source: weibo
via: gforgames