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Whether you’ve ditched your paper calendar entirely or you just want another one to have on the go, calendar apps are a huge help to making days run smoother. If you’re wanting to get more organized, it’s a cinch to plan out your week, or even your month or year, in advance, so you know what’s coming up at all times. And what better place to have access to it than on your phone? That way, if something comes up you need to change, or you’re planning something new while you’re out, you don’t have to say, “I’ll need to go home and look at my calendar,” because it’s actually with you all the time.

The only challenging part is, there are so many calendar apps out there for Android users. Which one do you choose? Do you use the default one that came with your phone, or do you find something else? What kind of features will best suit you, and what features are actually out there? That’s why today, we’ve brought you our top 5 picks of the best calendar apps for Android. From simple to full of features, for individuals or for entire families, there’s something for everyone.

Google Calendar

If you’re thinking about downloading Google Calendar to check it out, be prepared to feel, and actually be, more efficient than you have ever been. Yes, it’s just that fantastic! In Google calendar, you’ll be able to add and view your events in a new way. Whether you want to look at the entire month before you, or just focus on what you need to accomplish and attend today, Google Calendar gives you the ability to do that.

Not only is Google Calendar efficient and effective, but it’s also smart. When you make reservations online to hotels, restaurants, flights, and so on, these things will be automatically added to your calendar so you don’t forget. Even if you’re texting a friend, trying to plan a time to get together, Google will recognize the date you’re talking about and ask if you’d like it added. If you find yourself having trouble keeping track of everything you need to do in any given week, Google Calendar is an awesome tool—you’ll never need to forget about an appointment or show up late again.

Download it now: Google Play

Simple Calendar

Living up to its name, Simple Calendar is simple and easy to use. Not only is the design minimalistic and sleek, but so are the features. Simple calendar is free of unnecessary clutter, delivering you an offline calendar that will help you stay on track without becoming overwhelmed with a bunch of extra features if that’s not what you’re into. In Simple Calendar, you can set reminders for yourself, create one-time and recurring events, and schedule your weekly tasks simply, and easily.

The Simple Calendar app also includes a clean, seamless widget that can be resized to your liking. And if there’s a certain color scheme you’re going for, you can change the colors of Simple Calendar to better fit your preferences. If you’re looking to declutter the apps on your Android device to become more focused and efficient, so that you have more time and energy for the things that matter most to you, Simple Calendar is a great way to help you accomplish that.

Download it now: Google Play

Business Calendar 2

On the other end of the spectrum, Business Calendar 2 is full of features and works a lot more like a planner-calendar combo than just a calendar. Just as fit for individuals as it is for business, you can view your calendar at a month glance or a week glance. In addition to all of the extra features, you can also choose from 22 different themes, which will change the entire look of your calendar if you’re looking for something a little more interesting.

So what are all these other features? While you can do the standard, such as creating events and setting reminders, there’s also a ton that are pretty unique. For example, in Business Calendar 2, you can show and hide different calendars, you can sync your tasks from Google Tasks, send out invitations, set optional event countdowns, and much more. And let’s say you plan out your year in advance as much as possible; you’ve entered in Birthdays, other important dates, quarterly meetings, vacations, and etc, but you want to know what days, and how many, you have available for free time or working on a hobby. You can use the “heat map,” which will basically sweep your entire calendar year and show you what days you have available. If you’re looking for a calendar that works like a planner as well, Business Calendar 2 may be the perfect option for you.

Download it now: Google Play

Cozi Family Organizer

If you have an active family of your own, you know how much of a challenge it can be to make sure everyone’s in the right place at the right time. From soccer games to ballet practice, meetings at work for you and school talent shows for them right after, it’s not easy making sure your days run smoothly for everyone. That’s where the Cozi Family Organizer app comes in. In Cozi Family Organizer, you can create individual calendars for each person in your family, and view them separately, or all together. Each one is color-coded, too, for easy catching up at a glance.

In this app, you’ll be able to send a weekly agenda to each of your family members. You can also create shopping lists that other family members can add on to, to-do lists for your kids’ chores, a digital recipe box, and even a family journal, where you can jot down something awesome that happened or add a picture. If you find yourself not feeling very accomplished and wanting to get your family more organized, Cozi Family Organizer may be the answer. And if you end up finding that you’re really enjoying it, you can upgrade to Cozi Gold which will integrate everyone’s contacts, give you a Birthday tracker, new themes, and a bunch of other neat features.

Download it now: Google Play

Calendar Widget: Month

Looking for something colorful and customizable? Calendar Widget: Month has a ton of different themes to choose from, and it’s super customizable. Whether you’re in the mood for something sleek and simple, or you want something colorful with scenery or graphics, Calendar Widget: Month has just about any design possibility you can think of. You’ll be able to keep track of Birthdays, events, and reminders all from this handy widget on your home screen.

The neat thing about Calendar Widget: Month is that it is a widget. Without even opening up the app, you can see what is on your agenda for the day, whether that’s events or your to-do list. The widget also automatically fits into whatever type of UI or size screen you have, so you don’t have to worry about it clashing with any UI apps or alterations you’ve made, either. Calendar Widget: Month is simple, but refreshingly easy to use and extremely customizable to fit your liking.

Download it now: Google Play


Whether you’re wanting to get your family’s schedule more organized, or you’re wanting to simplify your own, we hope you found an app on this list that’s a perfect fit for you.

About the Author: Brad Ward

Brad is a tech enthusiast, writing and tinkering with all things technology since 2011. He currently bounces between the LG G3 and his beloved Moto X! His interests include reading, entrepreneurship, the gym, and of course, queso.

  • qwertyboy654

    Who knows of a calendar app that let’s you take a photo and add it to the details of the appointment. … like a wedding invitation … I’d rather just take a quick photo of it and put the photo in the details than type out all the details

    • Brad

      I don’t know of one myself. I did a quick search on the Google Play Store, and all that turns up is calendar’s that let you customize the background or month with a photo, albeit reviews say they’re bloated with ads and are quite bug-ridden.

  • Olav

    You have forgotten SolCalendar. That is the best calendar app by far!

  • Sean Dent

    Calengoo always seems to get overlooked.

  • Martha Wal

    I love CalenGoo! You’re right, it never gets mentioned. Endlessly customizable, great tasking and reminders.

  • Tammy Morrison Harper

    Cozi is a great calendar for families, everyone can access and see what everyone else is doing.

  • Frontier

    Cal from the Anydo people is my favourite. I use it with the Anydo task list and Google calendar. Beutiful smooth tranitions and looks. Check it our if you are in the market for a new calendar app.

  • DevilMind

    which app has Quick Jump and Go To X Date ??

    Just have a simple Go to Date OR Jump to Date selector like in LG Phones stock Calendar app. Swiping and sliding is not good if someone wants to jump between 27 Jun 1986 Fri and 07 Oct 2015 Wed or even few months.

    A Quick Jump and Go To X Date is needed always. i think that “go to” will be useful if you want to check day of week for specific date and much more.