HTC’s Patent Infringement Claims Against Apple Dismissed by ITC Again

Don’t you hate it when you drop $300 million to buy S3 Graphics to get a hold of its patents only to find they won’t help you against the sue-happy Apple? Well if you’re HTC then yes, you hate it when this happens. While at heart it was a good idea, considering that Motorola and Samsung are also having problems with their respective handsets being fodder for patent litigation, the plan was for not. The ITC felt that Apple didn’t infringe on any of these patents in the first place back in November.

HTC made an attempt at a repealing the ruling however the ITC is standing firm in their decision. Although HTC could make an attempt at repealing this second ruling they probably won’t considering the amount of resources they could potentially waste given their first two defeats. However as all of Apple’s federal lawsuits have been stayed against the Taiwanese company by the US District Court for the District of Delaware, we may not see any rulings on Apple’s US claims against HTC in 2012.

It appears that HTC is going to have to go back to the drawing boards in their battles against the sue-happy, iDevice making Apple. Given that Motorola recently suffered a defeat against Apple as well and Samsung is battling a new suit by Apple regarding its new Nexus, having FOSS patents in your bookmarks may be a good idea if you’re curious as to how these legal battles are shaping up. Even though HTC promised that these suits wouldn’t affect profits, they will surely take their toll on the company. It will be interesting to see just how HTC will come back from this legal loss.

source: FOSS Patents
via:  Phandroid


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    The courts are just sucking apple’s dick. Real stupid 

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