Samsung Galaxy S II Plus Benchmarks Released, Shows Off Impressive Numbers

While rumors that the S III would make its debut at MWC were quickly and officially refuted by Samsung, that hasn’t stopped the Korean manufacturer from showing their hand in regards to the Galaxy S II Plus. Even with the announcement of the Galaxy S Advance, and two new tablets, Samsung is pushing forward with the release of the SII Plus. If the benchmarks are any indication this is a good move as the phone will surely be able to carry its own weight.

While at first it was considered to only be an incremental upgrade to the S II it appears that Samsung has took some time and put in some decent hardware in the device. The device will carry a 1.5GHz (I assume dual-core and possibly the OMAP 4470) processor, a WVGA display, and Android 2.3.4. I am sure that the device’s presence will be made better known at MWC and when it does we will surely update you with the specifics. Stay tuned!

source: Techsnapr
via: BGR

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  • could it not be the new exynos chip they plan on making?

  • JD

    I’d expect a revised ‘Galaxy Nexus S’ to come with the OMAP4470 dropped in to replace the OMAP4460 and a revised ‘Galaxy SII+’ to come with the updated 32nM process Exynos 4212 replacing the 45nM Exynos 4210