Sprint EL29 Update For Samsung Epic Touch 4G Phone Rolling Out

Sprint is officially rolling out the EL29 update for the Epic 4G Touch smartphone. Shouldn’t be too surprising considering we saw the source kernel became available last week and we expected the subsequent update to drop at any given moment. In case you’re interested, here’s the changelog for the update:

  • Security update
  • Dismissing multiple calendar alerts
  • Commercial Alert System (CMAS) activated

Notice the security update enhancement? This must mean that Sprint is chugging along in its quest to remove Carrier IQ from its devices. The EL29 update will bring your software build to version S:D710.0.5S.EL29 and will be released in stages. Moreover, Sprint highlights all devices should get it it within the next 10 days. If you’re an Epic 4G Touch owner, keep a lookout for the update notification to indicate your phone is ready to receive the update. Of course if you are the impatient type and want to do a manual update, just go to the menu –> settings –> about phone –> system updates –> update to get your phone updated.

[via Sprint by Android Central]

About the Author: Roy Alugbue

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  • Mattymatt

    Update takes away scrolling wallpaper. Shame on them.

    • Marc2pt0

      I agree. What’s the point in that?? The scrolling wallpaper added so much to the visual depth.. Now it’s just as stale as an iphone

  • Hardly seems worth undoing all my rooted changes for. Wake me when they issue ICS. 

  • Chelsea Taylor

    Why did they disable scrolling wallpaper??  Super bummed. 

    • Riikk

      I know WTF! is going on!!!!  HELP!????? how do we dis-activate it!?

  • Levackphoto

    I agree, why would you take away such a colorful feature? If I wanted a dull phone I would get an iPhone.