Google might be prepping some new gaming features for the Chromecast

Netflix isn’t the only company that’s testing gaming on unorthodox platforms, apparently. There’s a new code change request in the Chromium source code that might be hinting at Google adding a way for you to play games on your Chromecast with your phone as a controller. 

There are a few apps on the Play Store that can basically already do this, but this would mark the first official support from Google that could open up a ton of new possibilities.

The code changes mentions a few different gestures, including tap, tap down, long tap, and long press, which would add a few different methods of input from a smartphone. It wouldn’t be enough to replace a game that you’d play on, say, your Xbox, but it would be enough for some simple experiences. More than what’s already available, at least.

These kinds of changes can signify pretty much anything though, and nothing in the comments specifically mentions gaming. That would make the most sense, as not much else really needs to utilize those gestures, but it’s best to stay cautiously optimistic and don’t trash your Android TV just yet.

source: Chromestory

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