Google contemplates a GeForce Now streaming competitor with Yeti service

Google is considering testing the streaming gaming market and jumping directly into competition with NVIDIA and Sony, according to a new report. It would function like GeForce Now or PlayStation Now, but instead use a Chromecast or Google home console as a delivery device.

Details are scarce, but the service is internally referred to as Yeti. You would be able to stream games directly to your TV without actually having to download or install anything, which obviously requires a pretty reliable internet connection but drastically lowers the barrier of entry to high-end gaming. NVIDIA has seen some success with GeForce Now, and I’ve personally had good experiences with it, albeit with fast internet and a great router, so it makes sense for Google to try their hand at the service and create some competition. GeForce Now is mostly limited to the Shield TV in Google’s ecosystem, anyway.

Google has reportedly discussed the service with some developers, but things are still in the planning stages. Would we see any exclusive games to the service, or just existing games? If it’s anything like GeForce Now or PlayStation Now, don’t hold your breath for exclusive content, but maybe you’ll be able to dive into the latest AAA titles with a $35 Chromecast.

source: Reuters

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