Material Design update for Google Maps is beginning a staged rollout

Google has been slowly redesigning most of their core apps with updated Material Design interfaces, and Google Maps is next up on the list. There have been a few Maps tweaks over the last few months hinting at this coming, and Google I/O more or less confirmed it, but it’s finally happening.

The update is coming from Google’s end, so don’t freak out about trying to get your Google Maps update from the Play Store. That means it’s a server side change and it could be awhile before it hits your specific device, so be patient.

The update is pretty much just an aesthetics change, so you won’t get any big new features. The search bar is rounded off and more Material-y, and the hard, straight edges of buttons and boxes are mostly gone. You’ll find a much more colorful, intuitive interface in the Explore tab of Google Maps, helping you to find whatever bar or restaurant or store that you might be looking for.

This tab also includes new events that are nearby your location, including featured public events but also events listed by specific sites or Google directly.

And to build on the Explore functionality, there’s a ton of new categories to dig through to find exactly what you’re looking for. You can specifically search for car dealers in shops, for example.

For the keen-eyed, the For You tab that was demoed at I/O isn’t here yet. Apparently Google’s still working on that side of things, but we’ve got the interface overhauled so that should be next on the list.

source: Android Police

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