Google adds tons of FIFA World Cup stats and features

Google likes to make major sporting events more enjoyable for watchers, and this year they’re doing that by giving you stats and features right from your smartphone. It’s going to be useful for keeping up with stats during the game, but Google will also be able to recap games after they’ve ended in case you couldn’t catch them live.

You’ll notice there’s an entirely new interface dedicated to just tables and stats, plus quick links to watch video recaps of games that have ended. Those recaps will supposedly go live 30 minutes after the games have ended, so you won’t have to wait long to catch up. You can also tap links and Google will show you live feeds of the games, if available.

In case you don’t want to stay glued to your phone while watching games (and who would, honestly?) Google will let you pin match scores to your phone. You pick the game you want to stay on top of, and Google will drop a pinned scoreboard on your screen that you can drag around and keep on top of everything else.

This update wouldn’t be complete without some Google Assistant integration, either. You’ll be able to ask Google on your phone and Google Home about scores and updates, and there’s even a dedicated tracker for everything in the freshly updated Google News app.

Keep your eyes out for all these new features soon. If you want to read more into it, you can check out Google’s blog post below.

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About the Author: Jared Peters

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