Samsung’s affordable Galaxy J3 and J7 are coming to the US in early June

When it comes to smartphone launches, sometimes you can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of specifications and features that a handset might feature, but there is no such problem with the Galaxy J3 and J7 that Samsung has announced. Samsung’s press release mentions vague terms such as ‘long-lasting battery’ and ‘high-quality’ to describe the two handsets. I mean, what else could you possibly want to know? 

The Galaxy J3 and J7 (2018) are follow-up phones to last year’s models, and as such cater towards the budget segment of the smartphone market. The J3 features a ‘bright’ 5-inch display while the J7 has a larger 5.5-inch panel, both are described as ‘HD’ which likely means 720p.

There’s an 8MP rear camera (F/1.9) and 5MP (F/2.2) front-facing camera present on the J3, along with a ‘long-lasting battery,’ whatever that means. The J7 has an upgraded setup with 13MP sensors front (F/1.9) and rear (F/1.7), and has a ‘large battery.’ That’s all the information that Samsung has posted about the two new affordable phones, with no specifics on processors, RAM, storage (other than to say that MicroSD card support is present), audio, sensors, connectivity, etc.

Justin Denison, Senior Vice President of Samsung Electronics America, had this to say about the two new phones:

“The J3 delivers high-quality features at a great price, and the J7 with its huge HD screen and amazing, advanced camera, is built for users who want more.”

Other than that dribble of information, Samsung says that both the Galaxy J3 and J7 will be available in the US ‘starting early June’, which I guess means anytime sometime soon considering we are almost a third of the way through the month already. Surprisingly, no pricing details were given although last year’s J3 and J7 cost $149 and $219 respectively. After considering all the information given, are you going to rush out and buy one of these ‘high-quality’ and ‘affordable’ handsets??

Source: Samsung

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