Leaked photos reportedly show the frontside of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

It’s about time for the Pixel rumors to pick up steam, and today we’re getting a really good glimpse into what to expect from the third generation of Google’s new flagship thanks to some leaked tempered glass screen protectors. We know there’s going to be a notch, and we know that Google’s sticking with their plan of making two different designs for both variations of their phone.

The regular sized Pixel 3 looks pretty typical with no notch and a speaker cutout below the screen, although you’ll notice what appears to be dual camera cutouts at the top of the panel. This could just be Google doing some fancy camera wizardry for the front facing cameras, but it could be a hint at better facial recognition coming to Android, a la the iPhone X.

The Pixel 3 XL, on the other hand, picks up a notched display, squeezing the camera cutouts at the center of the device instead of being forced off center. Probably a downer for anyone that absolutely hates notches, but if Google’s doing it you know we’re going to really see some better native Android support for the funky displays.

Buckle up, the next few months are going to be intense for Pixel leaks. Don’t forget about that rumor of a third Pixel handset in the lineup, either.

Updated to clarify the photos are of screen protectors and not the device screen itself.

source: /LEAKS (Twitter)

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