[TA Deals] Grab a discount on the Civilization VI bundle with Rise and Fall!

The latest installment in the legendary Civilization franchise recently received an expansion pack, so now’s a better time than ever to jump into the game. And if you are ready to buy, we’ve got a discounted bundle that includes both Civilization VI and the Rise and Fall expansion at one discounted price.

This bundle nets you a Steam key for Civ VI and a key for Rise and Fall to automatically redeem and install so you can start playing right away. Not only will you get the base game that’s worth hundreds of hours, but the Rise and Fall expansions adds tons of new dynamics like Dark Ages, enhanced alliances, and a governor system.

Buying these together will only cost $56.99, which is less than the retail price of Civ VI by itself and in total about 35% cheaper than buying things individually.

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