Huawei wants to make its AI voice assistant a little more sensitive

A small leak surfaced last month hinting at Huawei bringing its own AI voice assistant to the table to compete with Google Assistant and Alexa, but at the time there weren’t too many details about what would really make the AI stand out in a crowded market. The leak did point at the AI being better at recognizing speech patterns to hold more natural conversations, and a new tidbit suggests Huawei will take that even further by giving its AI emotions.

It sounds a little far fetched, and no, it doesn’t mean your next Huawei phone will fall in love with you like in the movie Her. What it does mean, though, is that the assistant will be able to hold a conversation that considers your feelings instead of just spouting out information like a cold, lifeless robot.

There’s a lot of potential here, from the AI learning how you react to certain words or phrases or even adjusting its tone and sentence structure based on your voice sounds when you talk to it. Huawei wants to be able to provide an emotional connection for users, so the end goal is to be able to hold a legitimate conversation with the AI.

Or, you know, we could accidentally be building Skynet. Time will tell.

source: Android Community

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