Samsung has produced a stunning Limited Edition Galaxy Note 8 for the Winter Olympics that you can’t buy

With the Winter Olympics set to run from February 9-25 in South Korea, Samsung has produced a stunning limited edition of its Galaxy Note 8 to celebrate the occasion. The special edition is appropriately called the ‘PyeongChang Winter Olympics Limited Edition’. Unfortunately, unless you are a participant or organizer of the Winter Olympics, there’s pretty much a zero chance of owning one.

Samsung has produced just 4,000 of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics Note 8 handsets for athletes and Olympic staff, with units also being presented to participants of the Paralympic Winter Games.

The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games Limited Edition, as its officially known, is just a bog standard Galaxy Note 8 with some added goodies such as a shiny white glass rear panel with a black glass front with a gold frame and gold accents. The S Pen has also been jazzed up, being white with a gold tip and button.

“Throughout our 20-year legacy as an Olympic partner, Samsung has showcased our support of the Olympic Movement by helping spread the Olympic Spirit and enhance connections through our latest technological innovations and immersive experiences,” said Younghee Lee, CMO and Executive Vice President, Samsung Electronics. 

Samsung doesn’t do this out of the goodness of its heart, the Korean electronics giant is a major sponsor of the Olympics, and this commemorative edition is just another way of getting its brand some exposure. That being said, the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games Limited Edition (boy, that just rolls off the tongue) is a lovely device to behold.

While you have virtually no chance of owning this limited edition Galaxy Note 8 organically, being the cynical sort of chap that I am, I’m sure that we’ll see some units appearing on eBay at some point in February.

Source: Samsung

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