Reddit releases a huge update for their mobile apps

Reddit has released a pretty significant update to their mobile apps today, launching several new features and bringing over some things that were previously exclusive to iOS.

There’s a little bit of everything here, so regardless of how you use Reddit, you’ll likely find something that will make your experience better.

There are a ton of additions for mods in the update, which is something that many have been clamoring for. There’s a brand new Mod Mode that will allow moderators to approve and remove content, plus flag potential spam. The Mod Queue for handling batches of actions is also coming to mobile.

The update also includes Theater Mode for putting visual content front and center, the option to add and adjust your subreddit flairs, and a speed read button for moving between top-level comments on a thread. That last feature was actually previously exclusive to iOS but is just now coming to Android.

You’ll also be able to tell when it’s someone’s cake day, so that’s cool.

iOS is getting some features that Android won’t be getting right away, including a live mode for fast-moving threads and in-app chat. Missing features are never great, but hopefully we can see those make their way to the Android version soon.

source: Reddit

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