[Sponsored] Tomtop has discounted a 3-axis handheld crane for DSLR cameras

It can be tough to find a good handheld crane for heavier cameras like DSLRs, but Tomtop has you covered right now. They’re offering the Zhiyun 3-axis stabilizer crane to set up your camera in professional situations without worrying about accidentally damaging your equipment.

This crane is much more advanced than a boring old selfie-stick, too. It features real-time focus follow, an integrated OLED display that shows features and settings on your camera, and a slow-fall mechanism that protects your camera when the stabilizer turns off.

The massive battery lasts for 18 hours of usage, which is enough for even the heaviest day of filming. It’s a pretty robust piece of equipment that belongs in any professional’s toolbox.

To make things even better, Tomtop is running a special on the Zhiyun Crane 2. It’s already 41% off from its list price, but you can use the coupon code CYJZC1 to knock it down another $72.

Buy it now: Tomtop

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