[TA Deals] Save 62% on an endoscopic camera for your Android device

Here’s a gadget that you probably don’t have in your drawer: a cheap, waterproof, full HD endoscopic camera for your smartphone. Yeah, didn’t think so.

You can change that today with our featured deal, and you’ll save a big chunk of change in the process. While this would normally cost $49, you’ll save 62% bringing the price down to just $18.99.

This probably sounds like a useless gimmick device, but if you ever have a clogged drain, engine troubles, or any other kind of problem in a cramped, dark place, you’ll have a much easier time diagnosing the problem with a camera like this and not trying to take a blurry picture with your phone’s flashlight.

Handy readers, you can find your next utility gadget below.

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