Say goodbye to Google Play Music’s swipe-to-delete gesture

Google’s Play Music mobile app used a not-so-intuitive gesture that would allow users to swipe to delete songs out of playlists. The point behind the gesture was to make it easy to clear out songs, but many, many users had a bone to pick with the sheer volume of accidental deletions from the gesture.

Well, it took some time, but the good news is Google is listening, and they’ve touched up that feature.

As of the latest update to the music subscription app, the swipe to delete feature is tweaked to prevent accidentally removing half your playlists. According to another Reddit thread, it looks like the feature is definitely still there but the sensitivity has been decreased, which has mostly fixed the problem. There are still a few users complaining that it’s still happening though.

Baby steps, I guess?

Either way, you should see the update on your device sooner rather than later. And if it continues to be an issue, you might want to keep an eye out for subsequent updates that further fine-tune the sensitivity until the issue is completely gone.

source: Reddit
via: Phone Arena

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  • ja

    about friggin time. dumbass “feature” if there ever was one.

  • Gordon Lutz


  • Megan Patrick

    So they fixed this but I still have to tap fifty two times to get rid of cards in Google now? Yes, I’m still salty that they disabled the swipe to delete feature there. Sue me.

  • Bryce Mullin

    Too bad my songs are already lost forever haha but this is definitely a welcome change

  • Steven Fischer

    I use this gesture all the time…. Too bad I know how to control my actions precisely. Clearly others cannot.

  • Clarencesanos

    Google play store music Don’t work now Classified Ads clarencec.sanos

  • Richard Halferty

    I have the latest update and the swipe feature is still there…. weird…. has never been an issue for me anyways as I did this even know it existed until very recently when I started to see complaints about it

  • Brennen Raimer

    So when’s this update coming? My app is up to date and I still have this problem just as bad as always

  • Ultras1986

    the best fix is to make the swipe to delete feature optional

  • Mitch Allan

    How are there ppl out there saying it’s fixed, when it’s obviously not?? Dec.5, my app is up to date (same version as articles saying the fix was corrected on) and I’m STILL swiping away songs on accident… Ffs Google… Get it done already.