Twitter is openly working on a bookmark feature for tweets

Twitter is working on a few different ways to shake up their social media service, including longer character limits and easy ways to create tweetstorms. With a shift to longer form content instead of just 100 word jokes, you might want to go back and read some of the posts later, right? That’s why Twitter is testing a bookmark feature.

The feature will allow you to save a tweet to refer back to later, which is basically a bookmark. It shares some similarities to Twitter’s existing heart function, although that’s a much more public way of saving a tweet for yourself. The bookmark feature is much more private, and we’re hoping that Twitter bakes in a way to organize and search for specific tweets that you may have saved. After all, I’m never going to dig up that tweet that I favorited in 2014 ever again, don’t kid yourself.

It will officially be called Bookmarks, and Twitter is openly but slowly testing it out with certain users. You might not see it yet, and it will apparently go through some iterative changes before everyone gets access to it, but rest assured, it’s coming.

source: Twitter

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