Deepsea Blue version of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to be available in U.S.

Consumers who want a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 but are not content with black or grey may be in luck, especially if they are interested in a blue phone. Samsung is planning to make a version of the smartphone available in the U.S. market in Deepsea Blue.

This new color option for the Galaxy Note 8 will be available starting on November 16th. Verizon, Sprint and AT&T all have plans to add this device to their shopping portfolios for customers. An unlocked version will also be available through Best Buy, both online and in stores, and through Samsung’s own online store at

The Deepsea Blue color has been available in other markets including South Korea, Canada and Germany. It is a pretty standard practice for Samsung to only make certain colors available in specific markets. With the release of Deepsea Blue to the U.S. market, some buyers may be hopeful that Samsung will also add the Maple Gold option to their U.S. market. Currently that color is only available in the U.K. and in Australia.