Google tweaks the design of their mobile site by axing corners

Google has a lot of software to maintain, from apps and Chrome OS to mobile sites and Android, but Google Search is still at the heart of the company. Design changes to their main mobile site have been tweaked and tested for months, and they’re now rolling out to the masses. Changes are subtle, but the most noticeable difference is the rounding over of previously boxy elements. In the picture above, you can see the search box’s corners are now curved.

The new design is seen throughout Google’s mobile site, including predictive search suggestions and results pages. In the picture below, you can see the results are now housed in cards with round corners.

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Sub-cards that are scrollable are also rounded over as seen below (see Cast).

The backgrounds have also changed from a light grey to all white, which actually provides a little less contrast to highlight cards. Aesthetically, I think it looks better. On a more subtle note, the color of links has changed to a lighter shade of blue.

The new look only applies to Google’s mobile site, but the Google app should get the rounding treatment at some point as well. I’m currently using an LG V30 and see the changes, but it’s rolling out in stages and not everyone will have it yet. Interestingly, my Pixel 2 has it, but not on the the initial search box. It’s still boxy with a grey background.

If you’re not seeing it on your phone, don’t panic. It’ll be there soon.

Source: Android Police

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