Google extends Pixel 2 warranty coverage for an extra year

Hot on the heels of a slew of Pixel issues, Google has made a pretty significant announcement regarding warranty coverage of their newest flagship phones. Instead of the typical single year warranty that pretty much every phone comes with, your Pixel 2 will be covered from defects for two years, covering everyone worldwide.

After being launched, several users reported issues with the Pixel 2 XL’s screen, including dead pixels and burn-in problems. Google claims that the Pixel 2 XL is performing in line with expectations for the kind of OLED they used. That doesn’t really address the quality control issues, but Google is making further software improvements to try and cut down on any more burn-in than is necessary.

Users also complained that the Pixel 2 XL wasn’t as vibrant as similar displays, despite a “vivid mode” that boosted saturation by 10%. Google is also addressing this by adding a new display mode that will increase the saturation even further to satisfy fans of bright and colorful displays.

This warranty extension either means that Google is very confident than the reported issues are a minority in their product, or they’re willing to eat the cost of replacing phones to keep customers happy. Either option is good for us, but it still doesn’t answer all of our questions. If the issues are persistent, it would make more sense for Google to fix the problem instead of just continually playing the warranty game.

Do remember that this extended warranty won’t cover accidental damage. Google does offer an extended plan for the Pixel 2 that will cover drops and spills, but that’s totally separate.

source: Google

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