Chromebooks are next in line for Google Assistant

In the last week, Google Assistant has been added to Android TV and almost 90 of LG’s smart appliances. Now there’s word that Chromebooks are next as the voice activated personal assistant continues its march into as many products as possible.

It’s surprising that Chromebooks don’t already have Google Assistant, but a couple of Google apps have all but confirmed that it’s finally coming. The Google Home app now lists Chromebooks as compatible with some Assistant apps, which is a strong indication that an official announcement is imminent. The Chat with your assistant app also recently included Chromebooks as compatible. There have been rumors and evidence in the past, but this is definitely the strongest.

Google is having a major launch event on October 4th and will likely introduce a new premium Chromebook, the Pixelbook. This would be the perfect time to announce Chromebook compatibility with Google Assistant. Hopefully it won’t initially be limited to the Pixelbook as a selling point, but we’ll all know one way or the other in a couple of days.

Source: Engadget

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