[TA Deals] RoboForm Everywhere is just $30 for a limited time

You have passwords. You definitely need to protect them.

A 4-year subscription to RoboForm Everywhere, one of the top password managers, is featured on Talk Android Deals as our deal of the day. This service securely stores your passwords in a single place to ensure they’re all protected and accessible.

  • Automatically remembers your passwords for every site you enter one & logs you in w/ a single click
  • Random password generator creates strong & unique passwords for every site
  • Folders & powerful search functionality make organizing hundreds of passwords easy
  • AES 256-bit encryption protects against dictionary, brute force, & other attacks
  • Password auditing ensures you have strong passwords for everything
  • Supports importation from all major password managers or a generic CSV
  • Fills in web forms fast w/ a single click
  • Select a trusted contact to securely obtain access to your RoboForm data in the event of emergency
  • Share logins securely w/ trusted recipients
  • Encrypts text notes like software license keys or WiFi passwords
  • Compatible across all of your devices

Usually a subscription of this length goes for $80; however, you can get the same 4-year package for $30.

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