Donald Trump’s only app on his smartphone? Twitter

Not too long ago, Donald Trump finally ditched his old and unsecure Galaxy S3 in favor of a more modern iPhone. That was good news for anyone concerned about the digital security of the President of the US, but it doesn’t look like he’s adapting to the capabilities of a newer phone.

According to sources at the White House, there’s a single app installed on Trump’s iPhone. And if you’ve kept up with his antics for the past couple of years, you can probably guess that single app is Twitter.

Those officials say the key to keeping Trump from tweeting legally dubious things is to keep his schedule packed with as little free time as possible. Not exactly a great look, but at least it’s less likely that he’ll have his Twitter account compromised.

source: Axios

  • Mr. Paladin

    This post is certainly liberal “FAKE NEWS.” The Fake News is so afraid that he’s going to keep America informed as to what’s going on… all the crookedness in the government. Keep Tweeting Donnie! We love you.