Amazon looks to release new Alexa devices with more practical features

Amazon is getting ready to launch either one or a handful of new Alexa devices with some new features that’ll truly improve your smart home setup.

This new Alexa device will allow owners to initiate phones call through a voice command. And, this Alexa device could have a sort-of intercom setup. It’ll let people talk to others on the opposite end of another Alexa device. This could be useful in a number of ways, possibly even a home security setup.

We’re not sure when Amazon plans to release this new device. According to Recode, sources told the publication last month that this device was still in beta testing and that we could expect an announcement over the next couple of months. That’ll probably be during the summer at some point.

A report from The Wall Street Journal last month indicated that both Google and Amazon were looking at offering some sort of phone call functionality to their voice assistant devices, but at the time of the report, it seemed like these were just ideas and possible plans for the future. But, with this new report from Recode, it looks like this functionality is a go for at least Amazon.

We’ll obviously hear more details in the coming months. But, this is a step in the right direction for making Alexa all that more practical to the consumer.

source: Recode

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