Samsung schedules an event for August 2nd, all but confirms the Galaxy Note 7

samsung unpacked 7 galaxy note 7

Samsung has sent out invitations for their Unpacked 2016 event, which will be held on August 2nd. As you can see in the image that was sent out, we have a reference to the number 7, and we have what’s clearly an S-Pen. Sorry, Galaxy Note 6. You never had a chance.

We know the Note 7 will be present at the event, and we’re expecting some tweaks to the S-Pen and Samsung’s integrated software. We already know what the device looks like thanks to some earlier leaks, so at this point we’re just waiting to find out what Samsung has up their sleeve to surprise us. There’s bound to be something that managed to avoid the rumor mill, whether it’s new software, faster wireless charging, or maybe some accessories to go with it. Either way, it should be an exciting announcement.

Samsung has been moving the launch of the Note devices up each year, so an announcement at the very beginning of August could mean we’ll have our hands on the phone before September, which would effectively cut off Apple’s announcement entirely. Samsung has seen some success from trying to head off their main competitor previously, and with tons of rumors buzzing around about the iPhone 7 possibly being a little more disappointing than usual, that gives Samsung a ton of steam to head into the holidays. I’m guessing we’ll hear at least one comment about the headphone jack of the Note 7 at least once, personally.

Less than a month to go, folks.

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