Google Store sets up section for virtual reality


Virtual reality headsets capable of working with Google’s Cardboard platform have never been sold directly by Google. Instead the company only provided those interested in the platform with a portal to other sites to purchase Cardboard viewers. Today though, the Google Store went live with a new section dedicated to virtual reality. This puts virtual reality headsets alongside phones, tablets, Chromebooks, media players, and smartwatches as the items offered directly to consumers by Google through its online retail store.

Three Cardboard viewers are currently being sold, one of which is made by Google.

Google Cardboard


Bring virtual reality to life with Google Cardboard. Using your smartphone and VR apps, this quality viewer puts the world of VR right in your hands, affordably.

Google’s own virtual reality headset is being sold for $15; however, a two-pack is priced at $25.

Mattel View-Master


The Mattel View-Master VR Starter Pack blends education with fun. The VR viewer works with smartphones, apps, games, videos, and Mattel Experience Packs to create stunning virtual reality worlds for kids to explore.

Mattel’s virtual reality headset carriers a higher $29 price tag, and a preview reel is included before you decide to spend any additional money on Mattel-made content.

Google Tech C1-Glass


Bring virtual reality worlds closer into view with Google Tech C1-Glass, made for VR adventures to go.

This virtual reality headset from Goggle Tech, which resembles a pair of traditional glasses, costs $15 just like Google’s generic Cardboard viewer.

The Google Store still doesn’t have the Virtual Reality section labeled on any navigation parts, but it’s likely to start appearing sometime this week. All of the virtual reality headsets mentioned above are said to leave the Google Store warehouse in two days or less.

Source: Google Store

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