The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the star in Ariana Grande’s new music video


Ariana Grande has a new hit song called “Focus,” and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 is the star of the show in the music video.

Only seconds into the video, the Galaxy Note 5 makes an appearance. One could obviously infer that Samsung paid the artist big bucks for this because it’s not everyday you see smartphone features shown off in a famous artist’s music video. During the video, pop star Ariana Grande shows off some of the capabilities of Samsung’s new S Pen, such as the ability to take notes even when the screen is powered off. This is clearly a feature that Samsung is very proud of. Is this what it’s going to take to sell handsets? I’m not so sure that people will purchase the handset just from seeing it in Grande’s hands, but who knows. You can watch the music video of Ariana Grande’s new tune “Focus” down below.