Samsung Galaxy Alpha wallpapers now available for download


The wallpapers that ship with the new Galaxy Alpha are now available for download. Samsung has bundled its premium handset with nine unique wallpapers. You can put them are your device, but do know that the resolution of each is just 1280×720. The Galaxy Alpha does not have a 1080p or 2560×1440 display, so they may not fulfill your device’s true potential.

To download a wallpaper, there is one extra step that many users will overlook. Directly saving it from the gallery will prove to have only downloaded a small, blurry image. You first have to tap on an image in the gallery. Then long-press it and open a new page in its full size. From there, you can save it and download it.

Enjoy the Galaxy Alpha’s wallpapers!

  • Techno Fit

    very good wallpapers. i set this wallpapers to my home screen. Thanks