Carriers recommend Samsung devices more than Apple and its iPhone


The role of an employee in a carrier’s retail store is quite easy. They are there to sell a device. So they have some options as to what devices are the best for a particular consumer. New research conducted by Kantar Worldpanel shows that United States carriers are more inclined to recommend a Samsung device rather than an iPhone from Apple.

During the first quarter of 2014, 63% of customers that purchased a smartphone through a carrier were recommended a Samsung device. This tops iPhone recommendations by two times the amount. And, unfortunately for Microsoft, Nokia devices were trumped by Samsung’s ten times its amount. And 59% of those customers went ahead and purchased a Samsung device following the same recommendation.

The size of Samsung’s portfolio does not hurt at all. There are just so many devices manufactured by Samsung that a carrier can recommend one for different reasons and at different price points. Also, the size of Samsung’s portfolio likely keeps subsidy costs lower than Apple’s iPhone. That is what may be holding back carriers from pushing Apple. The subsidy cost for the iPhone is high enough and carriers would likely incur higher costs with even more of its success from recommending it frequently.

Do you have any stories about going to a carrier retail store? Let us know in the comments what you were recommended.

Source: Kantar (PDF)
Via: SamMobile

About the Author: Justin Herrick

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  • James

    Hmm. Or apple is like a model T in different colors with one screen size… Extra small

    • k4ever

      Ha ha! Quite funny! My cousin owns an iPhone. Yesterday my brother was teasing her about it saying that it was yesterday’s technology. She complained saying that if it wasn’t for the iPhone, we wouldn’t have our Android phones. I told her that if it wasn’t for the Model T, there wouldn’t be any affordable cars. However, nobody drives a Model T anymore because it is ancient, just like her iPhone. She was upset.. Funny someone else also thinks of the iPhone as a Model T.

  • JaneE

    I “window shop” online, and when I have my choices narrowed down to two or three, I will visit the store to get hands-on with the models I prefer. I may ask questions about specific things(e.g, loudest ring), but I have never asked for a recommendation, nor has any store employee ever suggested that I buy a particular phone. They will power up the demos so I can listen to them and try their UIs and make my own decision.

  • Raul Contreras

    I worked at a RadioShack for over a year and I owned a galaxy S4, an IPhone 5C and 5S. It is true, while working there most of my coworkers including my manager would push samsung phones. But they would often give the wrong information indicating a distaste for the apple company. For instance, when a customer was interested in an iphone 5S they would sway their interest towards a galaxy S5 using the camera as a starting point. They would undermine the iphone by saying it had an 8mp camera while the galaxy had an 18mp. While true, they would never take into account the enlargement of of those 8 mp on an iPhone which do improve image quality quite dramatically. I on the other hand would recommend either or using the facts. In all honesty, I recommended the galaxy to anyone who was having trouble reading text or watching videos on a small screen. I’d also tell them about the true multitasking on a galaxy. However, and I always brought this up, the designs of the phones are another thing to consider- The iphone always had customers lusting for gold. Furthermore, my coworkers would solidify the notion that they hated apple by saying things like “Samsung phones are like computers. I can put any software on them and get rid of my laptop.” Pure lies just to get them on their side. I never understood why my coworkers (or some misinformed customers) were so anti-apple. In my opinion, both phones do exactly what you want them to do. Although, I do love the small amount of customization that a galaxy has to offer, but my Jailbroken IPhone 5S has satisfied my hunger for a more open/customizable OS experience. Also, When I had my galaxy s4, there were many times where a Youtube video wouldn’t load or an app would suddenly close- it happened often enough for me to go back to an IPhone. As much as RadioShack employees pushed the galaxy, we still sold more IPhones than anything else. As if that is not enough, most of our phone returns were Galaxy phones that were purchased by previous IPhone users.

    • Justin_Herrick

      Interesting to see that this is happening at non-carrier stores. So would it be the people running your specific store or was it corporate pushing the wrong information?

      Thanks for sharing. (I’m the writer of this post)

      • Raul Contreras

        This is an assumption, but I believe my ex all-knowing manager pushes Samsung rather than apple because we have the ability, as a company, to make more money off the sale. Unlike Apple purchases which usually offers Apple Care, Samsung as well as other phones offer RadioShack’s new insurance called Stuff Happens. The other co-workers just follow his technique of selling even though their commission wouldn’t take a hit.

        • Justin_Herrick

          Ah, that makes much more sense. Just push Samsung/other devices so you can try and bundle your own services. That’s business.

  • Justin_Herrick

    The most recent time I purchased a device in-store was in June. I went there and wanted to get some hands on time with the One (M8) and Galaxy S 5, but really for the M8 since I never held it before. While there, the Verizon rep really pushed the device. Went so far to say the camera was the best on the market. I did walk out with an HTC One (M8), but I did so on my own thoughts. I clearly know the camera is not as good as the GS5’s, although the camera is just fine for my needs.

  • udispyn

    Every time I walk into a Verizon store, the reps bend over backwards to get me into an IPhone. No matter which phone you ask about, they say the new IPhone is coming out you should wait for it. Since the IPhone was released they have almost forced it on me….been an android guy from the beginning.

  • Dheeraj Jhola

    the news is incorrect.
    store employees first check for the persons tech level. if he is a dumbass…they suggest the iphone. IF he has researched a bit on phones or isn’t downright stupid…they recommend samsung