Google Publishes New Android 4.2.1 Open Source Code To AOSP


It appears that another Jelly Bean build is now on the way folks. Now before you all go thinking this would bring the version at 4.3 or even a 4.2.2— you may want to think again. Google published its Android-4.2.1_r1.1 and Android-4.2.1_r1.2 open source codes  which correspond with the JOP40G and JOP40F Android builds. For now, it appears that the new open source codes bring some very minor bug fixes— but there may be a surprise or two trickled in there somewhere.

You’ll find additional details once you hit the source links.

source: AOSP 1 | AOSP 2

  • ron woodard

    Right HERE! JUST NOW ! The “log-in” screen flipped up and yet again asked for renenter info. Can someone¡! anyone¡! Figure this out with me please? :)

  • ron woodard

    And what is with the huge variety of Fi fix-it source codes. This link I got directly from Google+®.