AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Is Available For A Penny And Oh— Has A Leaked ICS Build Available

Amazon Wireless will be selling the AT&T Galaxy S II smartphone for a mere 1¢. That’s right gang— a mere penny for new customers. In addition, Amazon will toss in free 2-day shipping when you score the device. Great deal, right? That means those of you on AT&T who have been looking for a new phone may now have found the best and most inexpensive reason to upgrade.

And what better way to celebrate your new purchase or upgrade than with an immediate software upgrade? Let me explain– we know the ICS update for the Galaxy S II smartphone is out, but it was only a matter of time before variations of the update reached American shores. AT&T recently announced the Galaxy S II smartphone would indeed get Android 4.0 at some point this year, but you can bet both Sammy and/or AT&T have been hard at work developing an AT&T-specific version of the global ICS update in the meantime. Not surprisingly, an early build of the of the update has leaked out in the form of a ROM and is ready for ambitious (or impatient) users to an early taste of that ice cream goodness.

Feeling lucky punks? Hit the source links below to see the specific information on the leaked ICS build and page where you can find the phone for a penny.

source: RootzWiki | Amazon Wireless

About the Author: Roy Alugbue

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  • Question for the peanut gallery.

    I have an iPhone 4 on AT&T, but my next phone will be an Android phone.  I am currently eligible for a new subsidized phone.  My current plan is to get a Galaxy Note when my tax refund arrives in a month or so.  

    Is this deal worth jumping now?  Or should I wait for the Note?

    LTE is not available where I am in upstate NY.

    • Emunny05

      Gotta go LTE man, i have it in boston and i can get 50/mbps download speeds. So once you do get it in upstate new york you will be very happy you are rockin some LTE goodness. I have the galaxy s2 skyrocket-phones a beast. You should look into getting one.

    • Superduty1985

      You don’t have lte and chances of you getting it anytime soon are Slim.
      So get witch ever phone you like best. Keep in mind the galaxy s3 is Supposed to be announced next month

  • Yomanbob

    The penny deal is not for existing customers.

  • Guest

    How long will the offer last?

  • Rotsen

    I do not see that deal at amazonwireless.  Where is it?