Seesmic for Android: Mini Review

Let’s face it, pretty much everyone has a Twitter account now. From celebrities to politicians, to normal people like you and I, Twitter has become somewhat of a necessity in our social networking lives. With that being said, Seesmic for Android is, in my opinion, the best Twitter app I have used on my Android device. The simplistic but elegant UI and loads of useful features make Seesmic my Twitter app of choice.

First off, the UI of Seesmic is aesthetically pleasing while still simplistic. Four clear bars at the top allow for one-touch viewing of your timeline, @ replies, direct messages, and your profile. I especially like the profile viewing tab for quick access to my own timeline, as well as favorites, RT’s, and followers. Also, another feature to note is the ability to jump directly to the top of your timeline by tapping on the red Seesmic bar at the top. When composing a tweet, three buttons at the bottom allow for fast picture uploads, URL shortening, and GPS location.

Seesmic for Android also supports multiple Twitter accounts as well as Google Buzz accounts, which might be of special importance to us Android users who love our Google apps. ;)

Another feature that Seesmic handles flawlessly is lists. In this screenshot, you can see that I am following the @TalkAndroid Staff list. What’s even cooler is I can view what lists follow me!

Alright, onto my favorite feature of Seesmic: the Seesmic home screen widget. I love the Seesmic widget because it’s super convenient to just scroll to a particular homescreen and check out tweets straight from the widget instead of opening the app. However, if I do want to open the app, all I have to do is tap my username from the widget and voila! The paper and pencil is noting that I can press it to quickly compose a tweet on the fly. The only gripe I have about the widget is that profile pictures for the tweets do not always load.

Overall, Seesmic for Android is a great Twitter application for the user who wants a fast, intuitive application with tons of features but a simplistic UI. The small but useful Seesmic widget also gives this app my vote.

You can download Seesmic for Android in the Android Market for FREE or check out Seesmic for Android in TalkAndroid’s dedicated ApptyAndroid app database.

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  • Albaraha

    I was a fan of Seesmic until I tried twicca. This little known -compared to Seesmic fame- has way more features and it’s being updated more frequently.
    Sometimes it’s the little thing, and twicca beats Seesmic in many features despite that they are small ones like setting color lable for users’ tweets.
    I’ve uninstalled Seesmic and never looked back.

  • Ryo

    Well as long as Seesmic don’t catch up to the iPhone version, it’s no topic for me.
    I don’t like to be 2nd class. They must put a lot more afford into the Android development.
    The team at Seesmic are always polite and nice, but they keep telling me for month that they will update the Android version.
    Have you take a look on what Seesmic for iPhone can do? It’s ridiculous. The Android-version is a dinosaur. No Ping.FM, no Facebook, nothing. It’s ancient.

    I’ll go with TweetDeck. The devs there seems to care a lot more about Android.

  • Antone Dockstader

    The problem with the FB like button is that it ends up making a TON of http requests just for that tiny button. I’d rather have something simple like the twitter follower widget.

  • Stephan

    Same here Ryo – I love seemsmic on my desktop but for my android its a dinosaur. Switching to Tweetdeck unfortunately – and from there to replace my Seesmic desktop its just a step away… DO something guys!