Ceramic Destroyer – Simple, Addictive, Destructive Fun

This game came out of no where! Released just days ago, the app has climbed to #4 in Top Free Apps on Android Market, coming in just after Facebook, Pandora, and Angry Birds. After downloading it myself, I can see why. Like Angry Birds, the game is easy to learn and increasingly addictive.

The objective is to destroy ceramic objects using a variety of specialized bombs. Yeah, what’s not to love there? The key, however, is to destroy it as much as possible. At least 90% obliteration is required to move on.  You’ll earn more stars for 95% and 100%.

Playing the game is simple enough:

  1. Pull the catapult
  2. Adjustment angle and intensity
  3. Release your finger shoot
  4. Destroy at least 90% to level up
The game features:
  • Sweet ceramic style pictures.
  • 120 different ceramics like Guitars, Butterflies, Robots, Candy and so on.
  • Green Bombs: Pull the catapult to shoot the bomb
  • Blue Bombs: Tap The screen to split the bomb into 3 mini-bombs
  • Yellow Bombs: Tap the screen 3 times to lay out the mini-bombs
  • Purple Bombs: Rub the screen to control the direction of the bomb
  • The promise of more levels to come
Its FREE on Android Market so give it a go, or check out the video to see some gameplay first.

About the Author: Jim Farmer

Originally from Mathews Virginia, Jim is now residing in Newport News where he attends Christopher Newport University, majoring in Computer Science. He interns with NASA Langley by day, and scours the internet for Android News by night. In his free time, he enjoys stand-up paddle-boarding, pwning on XBOX Live, coding, or hanging out with his favorite gal in the world, Morgan. His hero is Dean Kamen, you know, aside from Andy Rubin, and as for politics he’s for Open Source, Net Neutrality, and Unlimited Data.

  • Deusinvictus

    How is this not compatible with a G2?

  • chrome

    With Desire Z (Android 2.3.x) also not compatible. What’s the problem ? With my old LG (Android 2.1) no problem.

  • Jgranty

    I have this & I Fudging love it!

  • Bartje64

    Aaaaah!!! Where’s Level 8!!!

  • :S

    WHY isnt it compatible with desire Z!!!!?!?!