Carved Chevron Engraved Maple case review


There’s little creativity in the accessories space, and that’s largely because people are shopping online for the cheapest cases they can find. It’s easy to get a plastic or rubber case for less than $10 and put that on your phone, but you’re not adding any visual appeal with them.

Carved, a company based right here in the Untied States, is bringing style and protection to mobile devices in the form of custom wood cases. Being completely unaware of the brand, I was interested in getting one for myself and seeing if the slight premium is worth it. To be frank, Carved’s products are definitely worth the extra money. The cheaper materials you get from other brands’ products have nothing on the class and precision emphasized by Carved.

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Over five years ago, the two co-founders got together and discussed the idea that wood-based accessories for mobile devices could be a viable business. It started with skins and expanded to polycarbonate cases. Now Carved creates custom products for Apple, Samsung, and Nexus devices as it has experience on its side. It even sells its own power bank enclosed in a handmade wooden casing.

The current slate of custom wood products for phones includes slim cases, bumper cases, skins, and solid cases. Which you can choose for your specific device will depend on if Carved makes that variety.


Although the company gives Apple’s devices the most types of products, Carved really gives every supported device a huge amount of designs to choose from. The deep design selection makes up for not offering all product types for all supported devices.

Each and every case from Carved is assembled from responsibly harvested wood before being put together at the company’s headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana. Case shells are, as expected, made in China; however, the heart and soul of these items are these products are in the wood and its U.S. roots. When it comes down to carving into the wood, Carved uses laser technology to be precise. The wood and case shells are then merged by hand.


When Carved asked which case I’d like to see for myself, I chose the Chevron Engraved Maple case for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The case arrived in a unique package with stickers, card about an employee, and a note from the company expressing thanks for supporting small businesses like them.

Editor’s Note: Since wood is natural and organic, keep in mind that no two Carved cases are going to be the same and thus my case would probably look different than yours.





It’s a total protection case, meaning you’re getting all angles of the phone covered by the rubber bumper. Including this material will save your phone from impact as rubber absorbs shock pretty well. Both left and right sides actually have texture to them for a better grip, which I think is a brilliant move by Carved. The Galaxy S7 Edge sits securely and comfortably in the hand because of the wood back panel and the textured sides.

While buttons are covered, Carved left open space in its case for all ports.


The Chevron Engraved Maple case, as its name tells you, has the chevron pattern repeated on the backside in two-tone maple wood. Personally, the chevron pattern is visually appealing and I enjoy how it creates an illusion with your eyes if you stare long enough. Overall, though, it’s pretty simple. There’s no doubt I went with a tamer design from Carved when I probably should have checked out something like their Monument Valley or Kerby Rosanes Geometric Fox Print case. Still, I’m thrilled with the look and feel of this case.

Cases for Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge can get iffy because not all accessory makers care about playing nice with the display’s curved edges, but Carved perfectly gets its case to fit. All edges of the case either perfectly meet the edges of the phone or come in just short, which you want to happen so you can still see and interact with the entire display.

It’s incredible that Carved can add style to a case without giving up protection.


The Chevron Engraved Maple case is $29, and Carved’s other cases aren’t particularly expensive either. So it’s not actually like you’re paying a lot of money for a beautiful case. Instead of getting a plastic or rubber case for your phone, consider Carved’s massive selection of custom wood cases. These products are a safe bet to make your phone look better and add the safety net you need.

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