Motorola DROID Guides

Jun 17, 2010

iPod dock adapter for Motorola DROID/Milestone

Manufacturers of electronic devices don’t seem to be able to get a global standard on docking connectors, resulting in that youusually end up buying a new dock for every electronic device you acquire … Read More

Feb 7, 2010

How To Root The Motorola DROID Android Phone

What is “rooting?”
It’s a lot like jailbreaking an iPhone.
If you’ve used Linux, you may be familiar with the “root” or “super” user. This is a special … Read More

Feb 7, 2010

A Guide To Setup USB Tethering With The Motorola DROID

Have you recently purchased a Motorola Droid? Have you owned one for a while, but neglected to take full advantage of all of its features? One of the most advanced and useful features of the DROID is … Read More

Jan 17, 2010

A Guide To Syncing iTunes With The Motorola Droid

It goes without saying that there are quite a number of people out there that have iTunes. A number of these people have a large music library. A number of those people have a Motorola Droid. Luckily, … Read More

Jan 17, 2010

A Guide To Setup Up Exchange Email, Calendar & Contact Sync on Motorola DROID

Released back in November, the Motorola Droid contains a number of features and is known for its convenient and helpful office capabilities, such as Microsoft exchange based email, a calendar and sync … Read More

Jan 17, 2010

A Guide To Setting Up IMAP & POP3 Email Accounts On Motorola DROID

Anyone with a Motorola Droid knows of the capabilities it contains regarding email support; in fact, a number of people get the Motorola Droid over others so that they can experience this email. The D … Read More

Jan 15, 2010

A Guide To Voice Dialing On The Motorola Droid Android Phone

Using the new Motorola Droid Android phone can be confusing at times, and trying to use voice dialing can be even more confusing. Luckily, there is more than one way to use voice dial on the Droid pho … Read More