What Is Android?

On November 5th, 2007 leading technology and wireless companies came together to announce the future development of a truly open platform for all kinds of mobile devices – Android. Leading this development are Google Inc, T-Mobile, Intel, HTC, Qualcomm, Motorola along with many other companies under the umbrella of the Open Handset Alliance – a global alliance between technology and mobile industry leaders.

The Open Handset Alliance’s common goal is to foster and develop a new breed of innovation for mobile devices allowing a far better user experience than today’s current mobile platforms. The OHA will provide a far greater degree of openess that will enable developers to work and collaborate in ways never before seen, Android will greatly improve and speed up the process in which new and innovative mobile services are development and made available to the end user.google-android.gif

Through the development of Android, developers, manufacturers and operators will be far better positioned to ship out new and innovative products far quicker and far cheaper than todays standards. The Android platform will consist of an operating system, middleware, a user-friendly interface and powerful applications. This fully integrated bundle of software will sgnificantly lower the current costs of developing mobile devices and services.

The Android platform is licensed under one of the most progressive open-source licenses available giving operators and manufacturers unprecedented freedom to design, build and distribute their own products.

  • Clint Agent

    Im locked out of my phone and it will not let me back on

  • Navroze KANGA

    Android , I feel ,is the best happening for the MObile Phones ; though I donot find it aas user friendly , yet, I am sur in time to come it will be.

    If only I could,CUT, Copy, SELECT & PATE as in WINDOWS i will be relieved and OBLIDGED. have a Happy daay . Navroze Kanga

  • http://www.cebuhousefinder.com Sean

    Android defines the new future of mobile phone apps… rocks..

  • thefamilydog

    @ClintAgent: srsly?

  • http://www.bransonentertainment.net Jim

    I just got a droid and love it. Now I want to see if I can develop apps for it.

  • http://hhtp//www.loukxx8@yahoo.com lampros

    google fenete pos e xeis na kaneis me rompotanthropoys as min pame piso sta palia alla oi idees k kali thelisi tin pane dikastiria k agoges astous na lene esy pas mia xara.

  • http://yahoo ANGEL

    Is there application to tell someone you’re driving if they send you a text?

  • Kevin

    I would also like to know if there is an app to tell someone you are driving, with the current laws and the safety aspect you would think someone would have done this by now, does any one know??

  • Katie

    On my android phone I have drivesmart. it sends calls to a bluetooth, or directs to voicemail, and also you can set up a text message to be sent to tell someone you are driving and will text them later.

  • sachin

    can someone give me the link for HTC 3452 to install
    android instead of windows-6

  • http://outdatedpenanguncle.blogspot.com/ ahsiang

    Sachin, here is instruction on how to install android on HTC3452

  • Subash

    I jus now bought an Android 2.2(Froyo)
    [Galaxy GT-I5510]
    i dont know how to activate the Swype mode in texting
    will you please help me to do so.

  • Subash

    i jus now bought a android
    and i dont know how to activate Swype mode in texting

  • sakira

    anybody can help me…i just had a new adroid tablet it preinstall with calender but when i click tu put a new agenda it said’sorry no calendar’ why?

  • Jaden

    can i install android on my nokia 5233. I really want it! Please?

  • Azadeh

    I download & install JDK , but when I want to install Android SDK , this error show :
    Java SE Development Kit(JDK) not found.
    –my OS is Vista–
    please help me.

  • Rahman

    I have the Samsung Galaxy GT-i9000. I updated the firmware from 2.1 to 2.2 Froyo (FROYO.BVJP8) kernel version root@SE-S611#1. Since then i have noticed that when the set is being charged the Alarm clock does not go of. It works fine when the set is running on the battery. Can someone help me?

  • Siddhu

    I really like Android. Now I am interested in creating applications for Android. Will try to do it soon.

  • Tinashe Stanford

    I’m with the T-Mobile G1 & I’m luvin’ Android!!

  • curlyfries

    @Subash-to enable Swype texting, go into your Messaging app, get your cursor in the text box, press and hold until the “Input Method” box shows up and just select “Swype” and you’re done.

    I would really like to develop an Android App, but I just don’t really know what to develop. I mean, everytime I think of something fairly cool, I look it up and it already exists! Guess I’m behind the curve a little…

  • Kaja Mohaideen

    Dear All,

    I would like to develolpe some Adroid application . SO I tried to Install Android SDK.
    1. I have installed JDK 6 and have created Java_Home, Classpath, Path..
    2.I am having eclipse 3.6.1
    3. I have downloaded the Android version – installer_r10-windows , installer_r08-windows..

    I have received while installing the SDK .. what I want to do…
    Let me help..

    Kaja Mohaideen.A

    • tony

      im off to turkey this year and my s translator wont convert from English to Turkish so may not be a good app as it is made out

  • Kaja Mohaideen

    configuration setup seems to be very hard..

  • kiar

    Browser is stuck on a web page. Does anyone know how to stop it from re directingto the same webpage?

  • http://yahoo Kelly

    how do you power off ?

  • Rishi

    %android%application%weather forecast%
    I want to know whether there exist an application which will provide me the future weather forecast of the particular place in india.?

  • Rodela Ashraf Prema

    I bought this phone before 3 months.
    I am facing problem to connect mobile network in my country. I am from Bangladesh. I am using grameen phone. But i can not connect with GP network.
    Please help me to connect mobile net.
    one thing, that Wifi is really very easy to access by this phone.
    please give me instruction, how can i connect my mobile network?

  • surya

    Hey..I am a beginner in android development…I would like to customize android desktop (I want my own user interface .The look and feel should be completely changed).I could hardly find the resources in internet..can some one kindly help me in this regard ..plsss..I would be really thankful to u if u cam help me

  • rmaynd

    Could any one help a newbie in app development? I am looking for some good materials to learn from, www or book etc…

  • Mak

    Plannig to buy new Android mobile. Can anyone tell me which is the best one?

  • Ramesh

    @ Mak

    I suggest you to buy LG optimus 2x or Samsung galaxy s 2. But t second one is little much expensive.

  • Mak

    Thanks for the suggestion but I am not very much comfortable with LG/Samsung mobiles. Planning to have HTC Wildfire, what say?????

  • Dee

    I have the LG Optimus and cant figure out how to download music to the phone

  • Mak

    HTC Wildfire also has screen resolution issues. Got confused. I guess Samsung Galaxy Ace will be the better option. Can anyone suggest?

  • Janhavi

    Please help me out on this – Is there a way by which i can send sms on a dummy number which will get received on android emulator…

  • Janhavi

    Please help me out on this – Is there a way by which i can send sms on a dummy number which will get received on android emulator…

  • http://www.mrsasuperbug.info superbug

    I just got the want to build an app for my android, which I’ve only had for about a month now, and just go do reading your post on, “How-To Develop Android Applications.” I wanted to thank you for getting me on my way with some easy to read information.

  • J Kay

    I have recently download the app for MobileFocus to view recorded video/audio cameras with the EverFocus ECOR264-4×1 system at work. Co-workers with Iphones can view and hear the audio sound, but a couple of us with Droids do not have the audio sound…unable to figure out our problem!

    I have a Motorola DRIOD X2… how do we get the audio to work?

  • Sagar

    I want to buy android phone which one would be the better one under 19k.

  • Sagar

    I want to buy android phone which one would be the better one under 19k.Samsung Galaxy ace, galaxy S or should i go for other handset.

  • DesmodusDantre

    @ClientAgent you could try again and again until it comes up with a forgot pattern/pin/password. Then you can just unlock it with your gmail info.

  • shivam

    i want to buy a android hanset inthe range of 13 k. i want a touch and type with front camera.PLZ suggest me.

  • Urboybill1

    My touch 4 keep freezing up can’t watch the video on how to work the phone, because it keep freezing, help pleases!

  • Cabana SA

    I have a Galaxy S2 and I’m luvin the Android Apps, but can any tell me if its possible to download the apps via PC/laptop? When I try to download it, it gives me this message, There are no Android phones associated with this account. Please sign in with a different account. I have an gmail account that is syncd to my phone when ever I wanna get onto the Android Market, please help

    • Armando Asuncion

      sync your android devices

  • http://www.talkandroid.com more digambar

    I have lg 970 optimus black mobile can upgrade android ice creme sandwich version

  • Gokul

    I cannot audio or video in browser when I touch download it plays the file rather than downloading it. Pls help me.

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    It?s actually a nice and useful piece of information. I am happy that you just shared this useful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  • Darren

    Does this phone create a hotspot?

  • http://www.qbstore.net/cart.php Point of Sale Systems

    Thanks for some other informative site. The place else could I am getting that type of information written in such an ideal means? I have a project that I’m just now running on, and I have been on the glance out for such information.

  • http://Android Sandy Sanders

    Got the best consuner rated phone, the Sansung Stratisphere. My IPS is Verison, running the best apps of all other phones combined. I can’t find a place so far with no coverage. My family has all the phones with every carrier available. After using my phone they are trying to get out of their contracts, and purchasing the “Sansung Strat” with “Verison”.All the apps work perfectly, even Tango face to face talk and video, just like they are right in the room with me, and it’s free and of course the strat has the two cameras. The free navigator gives you the perspective of flying in a plane about 500 feet above my “FORD” truck, plus any configuration you can think off. I always plug “Ford” every chance I get. Purchase one other item, a router for you’re data usage of 4G. Set your phone to connect to WiFi when it’s available. You will be as happy as me!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dacbjbtathchjh_familyof7

    i got a droid from my friends brother for xmas and i tried to reset to factory but has a draw lock on it and i dont know the pattern how can i get passed this ? thanks

  • Sylvia Rice

    Sorry if I offend some people, this is my first time using this, hope I’m doing this right. I have a question: My husband got me a LG android straight talk phone for Christmas and I luv the phone, my issue is everytime I take a pic and try to post it to facebook from my phone this irritating message pops up saying sorry Facebook (process com.facebook.katana) has stopped unexpectedly.Force Close. Please try again. I get so frustrated, please, any suggestions??? I need help. Thank you.

  • marge

    challenge to all you young technichians… why can’t one of these major corporations come up with an affordable hearing aid for those who are hard of hearing… we have ipods, ipads iphones and all kind of gadgets for less than 200.00 and a hearing aid cost no less the 1500.00 dollars for one ear… how out of line is this to the rest of technology…

    • Soupb

       Two reasons:
      Unicef doesn’t make hearing aids. Major corporations have a fiduciary duty to return a profit to their shareholders and I can live without my phone much easier than you can life without hearing. Economic “technicians” would call this elasticity. So while they may be able to sell the device inexpensively, why would they?

      Second reason:
      Statistically speaking, the least likely to adopt new technology is the same demographic that needs this tech. Why should the bleeding edge tech companies invest millions in R&D for a product that is only sellable to the least-likely-to-buy demographic? I mean first of all, you would have to have a $1500 hearing aid just to hear the advertisement and after you spent $1500 on a hearing aid you aren’t going to rush out and buy a cheap one!!

      • Skyatch

        Yep. It’s all about taking care of #1. Why should they care about developing affordable technology for people who aren’t lining their wallets, amirite?

    • Andrew0109

      hearing aids use nano tech so its more expensive

  • Indra Irawan

    nice info…but where i get an android simulator info? maybe here ??

  • http://facebookz.in/ Gaurav Garg

    nice really awesome info.

  • Jra

    You might want to take at least one english class before writing a web based commentary that anyone can access.

  • Pch00

    how long does it usually take to develop an application?

  • Pch00

    how long does it usually take to develop an application?

  • Prasannakumar1987

    i buy android phone in china. and all applications in china how to install english applications
    and for skype video calling what i want to do,,,

  • leslie wong chin kiew

    Can anyone of you out there develop a Power Point Presenter for Android user like me who have a lot of power point to present, and i would like to use my Android phone and tablet to present with all its animation included just like what i have prepared in my Window 7 Net Book. I have try using “Doc to go” but this software does do animation. All I wants is to transfer my PPT from my Window 7 to an Android directly. Cheers lesliewong38@gmail.com

  • Alice S

    Is Kindle Touch android?

  • Lisa

    I can’t find my music on my phone although it shows it did transfer?

  • paulo

    Ich kann auf ein Geschäft oder eine Website, wo ich dieses Smartphone cat b10 kaufen kann

  • surendra

    i want to do my project on android app in my final year…so, plz suggest some ideas regarding apps…

  • Rick

    I installed S Voice on my HTC One S. Will It be able to do all that the Galaxy S III does? Like be able to answer your phone with Voice Commands

  • chad

    Question, is it possible to use a unlocked Andriod htc phone thru a existing T-mobile plan if the phone doesn’t use a sim card?

  • Guest

    can any one help me how to back the message and phone content from my android mobile…..

  • wes

    i cant receive pic msgs from any iphone on my Huawei android..i downloaded the Handcent app but i still cant receive anything????helpppppp???

  • navneet

    I have a chine I plus tablet,i face the problem with that, that i can not access in it ,any body can help pls mail me to my e mail navneetkumarvermao77@gmail.com

  • Ga peach

    My play store app will not open on my LG Motion smartphone from metro pcs. Can somebody please help???

  • sherry kinn

    can some one help me figure out why i keep getting error when i use the mic

  • aloha girl

    plz how do you remove ALLLL my photos that got put on my samsung s4 bcuz of google plus?? deleted account and cannot remove pix.

  • Danielle Moreau

    my hero g3 only has sound through the headphones, when the headphones are disconnected my phone will only vibrate it will not ring, it has no sound at all without the headphones.

  • MzCandy

    If I download my pics from my andriod to my dropbox will they go to my computer and can I earse them off my android without loosing them

    • justin


    • justin

      but if u deleted from dropbox on android then u cant delete it

  • Kalaivani Rajendran

    i want to do my project on android app in my final year…so, plz suggest some ideas regarding apps…

  • FH

    Can I recover deleted browser history from my android tablet?

  • Bruce

    How do i delete pics on my S5