LG sticks to the curve: a new curved sound bar with Google Cast support


LG curved TV? Check. LG curved smartphone? Check. LG curved sound bar? Check!

If you’re looking for a great sounding, curved sound bar to go with your curved TV, then you’re in luck! LG just announced a new sound bar in its line of Music Flow speakers that not only has the curved part down, but also allows you to cast to it via Google Cast from your smartphone.

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Kickstarter: The MiStand+ is an Aluminium Tablet Stand

MiStand+_KickStarter (1)

I’ve using a MiStand Tablet Stand for just over a year now, and I always been mightily impressed by its ease of use, sturdiness, and resistance to life’s bumps and knocks. My only complaint was that charging the tablet on the MiStand was a little messy because the base didn’t have a cable slot to pass a charging cable through. That won’t be a problem for much longer though, because MiStand is running a Kickstarter campaign for a new, improved tablet stand called the MiStand+ that allows a charging cable to be slotted through the base.

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D-Link is now offering the world’s first WiFi water sensor

D-Link DCH-S160D-Link is now offering the industry’s first ever WiFi water sensor that does pretty much what you’d expect it to. It connects to a wall outlet and emits a siren alarm if it ever comes into contact with water, which is great for alerting you to flooding or malfunctioning appliances.

Since it’s a WiFi sensor, it can also connect to D-Link’s mobile app on your smartphone to remotely notify you about any flooding, so you’re still aware of the problem even if you aren’t at home. That’s a pretty useful extra tool if you like to keep a connected home with other smart appliances. Read more

Portable battery bank market expected to be worth nearly $18 billion by 2020

Fuel+_3000_6000_Battery_Indicator_ON_TAPortable battery packs are extremely popular accessories, especially as smartphones have brighter, higher resolution screens with smaller batteries. Most phones don’t make it through a full days worth of usage, and not everyone is around a wall plug to keep their device charged up, so that’s where battery banks come in handy.

It’s a growing market, and a new research report thinks that the battery bank market will explode in value up to around $18 billion by 2020. That’s a pretty large leap, but as more and more content is consumed on tablets and smartphones, it makes sense. Unless, of course, manufacturers figure out how to cram giant batteries into credit card thin smartphones. I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one, though. Read more

[TA Deals] ZeroLemon SolarJuice 20,000mAh battery for $49


Everyone needs an external battery simply because of how demanding mobile devices have become. When your phone or tablet’s battery is dead while away from a wall outlet or car charger, an external battery can save the day. Right now on Talk Android Deals, you can purchase a massive and durable external battery from ZeroLemon with 50% savings.

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Parrot scraps plans to bring its RNB 6 Android Auto head unit to general public after teaming up with car makers


For many of us that own cars that aren’t exactly modern, the idea of being able to buy Parrot’s RNB 6 aftermarket Android Auto infotainment unit that is also compatible with Apple’s CarPlay system was a dream.  Sure, it wouldn’t have been cheap, but it would always be cheaper than having to buy a new car. Now it seems, that dream has been dashed because the RNB 6 head unit has been deemed to be too complex for the aftermarket because it requires deep integration with the host car’s setup.

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