Syncly and Dropbox: Your Photos Automatically Sent to the Cloud

Automatically updating every picture you take on your phone to a cloud service is not a new concept. Adobe Photoshop Express uploads to, and of course the Google+ app automatically uploads to your Picasa web albums. But what if you want to automatically send every picture you take to your Dropbox account?

Enter Syncly. This deceptively simple app links to your Dropbox account and automatically uploads your pictures over Wi-Fi or 3G as you take them. Setup is simple. Just create a Syncly account and link it to your Dropbox account. Bam. Done. Syncly also acts as an image gallery so you can view your uploaded images right from the cloud.

This is a great solution for backing up your photos and feeling safe enough to clear off your SD card if you’re running low on space. If you’re ready to give it a whirl, hit up the market link or QR code below.

source: lifehacker

 Android Market


  • sil

    I should note that Ubuntu One does this automatically as well :)

  • Qatan

    If you add the dropbox app you’ll also get an additional 500MB to your limit!